13 - Time Warp Party

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I glanced down at the invitation card that Croft's butler Henry Squire had delivered. I half expected it to be a formal event, after all who sends invitation cards to a small party, unless your five years old and want to invite the whole school. William was having a party with a few close friends and seemingly I had the pleasure to attend.

Now if I knew how utterly bored I was going to be, I rather have just read the entire dictionary. At least I was learning something new. So as I stood in the drawing room, the latest Lady Gaga music blaring out from the high tech speakers and William danced and flirted with a sultry red head. I wanted to blow my brains right out. Parties and getting drunk was the norm for a teenager and what I had gone through would only give such reasons to be totally reckless.

I looked around at the drunken youth and the chaotic mess they didn't seem to notice. I could not help but think about Oscar's world. Surely he would never dream of this kind of party. It would be to wild for his nature. He'd probably drinking some high-end alcohol and talking to some rich man about the economy, or something. Though I left him a note telling him I would be out, I wished I was back in my room and not here with these people.

"Freya!" William yelled in my ear. "Loosen up and dance with me."

I halted back from his alcoholic breath. Grabbing me from my lower back he pulled me towards the middle of the room. The sofas pushed back for more space and the electronic disco lights rotated near the DJ mixer.

William was inches from my face before he slammed his lips onto mine, pushing his tongue against the gap of my surprised mouth. I wanted to scream at him but his hold was strong as he clamped his hands behind my head and the other travelling near my bum.

I kicked him in the shin and he yelped in shock. Before he could grab me I bolted from the room, not looking back to see if he was alright. I yanked my coat from the closet and headed straight out that door.

I didn't cry, nor did I protest. I was mortifyingly angry. I never imagined my first kiss to be like this.


The driveway to the Ashford Estate seemed never-ending. Trudging through the snow and stumbling a few times I managed to get to the front door and slam it with my fists.

Dad opened the door but I pushed straight past him. I really didn't want to talk to anyone tonight.

"Did you walk it home? I was about to send Norman to get you."

I halted by the staircase and turned to face him.

"I needed a good walk and that party sucked big time. If William Croft ever shows his face around here I'll personally kick him where the sun doesn't shine."

Dad raised his bushy eyebrows.

"What did he do? Do I need to smack the living shit out of him." He began to roll up his sleeves, walking towards me. "Because you know I will."

For a moment a giggle escaped my mouth and then a side smile.

"It's nothing that I can't handle. He was drunk and he kissed me before I kicked him pretty hard. And I hope he has some lasting damage."

I found nothing more comforting then my father's embrace as I held him tightly.

"Now that's my girl," he whispered by my near. "But I'll still knock him out if he has the balls to come around.

I pulled away, rubbing my temples. "I'm tired so I'm going to have an early night."

"What about dinner?" Dad asked as I began to ascend the staircase.

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