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You could not spend more than 5 minutes without your dad, it was merely impossible doing simple tasks such as taking a nap or fixing himself dinner.You just couldn't live without him.
Every time Tony put (y/n) to sleep she would crawl out from his bed to his hoping to cuddle.Moreover he had to leave the playboy life because of (y/n)'s neediness.
"I had never seen anyone so clingy" the playboy expressed his concerns to the team "Sometimes I pretend we are playing hide and seek just so I can get some things done"
"Maybe it's time you just let her comfort herself by crying" suggested Clint who was the proud father of 3 children "You never tried that when she was a baby?"
Stark shook his head "She knows how to manipulate me!" He sighed "No matter what I do she always gets me"

Tony was in the office trying to work some stuff out, it was a peaceful night, to be honest it had been his most productive day in a while.He finished his work and went to take the elevator, he had a date to get ready for.
Everything was running smoothly, the chef had arrived, the atmosphere was very sexual, and (y/n) was tucked in bed.
"Should we make another (y/n)?" Pepper insinuated to Tony to which he replied with a big no.Not even ten minutes went by until you started crying.Peoper sent Tony a warning glare, it was obvious she was not going to let him go comfort their daughter "JARVIS (y/n) vitals" she asked to the AI "She is currently in good health but her affection needs are terribly low" Tony was almost shaking as if he were trying to fight an instinct or urge.
While (y/n) parents were debating wether she needed to be comforted or not, she was crying to get attention.Since she was already 4, (y/n) payed a visit to her parents date where she specifically looked for Tony's arms.
"Don't hug her" sighed Pepper "If you do that I swear to god" to which (y/n) trembles her upper lip to show that she was about to cry.
Tony could not resist his daughters puppy eyes so he ended up holding you until you fell asleep again.

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