First day of school

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6 years old
Ever since you could remember you were very smart.You are a genius just like daddy as a lot of people said.
But your social skills,they were not the best, and certainly you could improve them so that's  exactly why you where being enrolled in school,you convinced daddy with the infamous puppy eyes to please be homeschooled ,but mommy did not fell for it.
You were having breakfast with your family just like any other morning.
"Mommy?" you said in your cute voice "You are going to school end of the conversation" she hissed at you while talking on the phone."Pepper are your things ready for Paris?"asked happy to start loading the luggage in the car's trunk.Your mother pointed the mountain of luggage.
"Daddy that's so not fair I want to go to Paris" you pouted.You weren't considered a clingy child but your parents certainly took you wherever they went ,and clearly you were very attached to tony."Pepp are you sure we can't bring [name] with us?" She looked at both of you with a "we are not going through the same conversation again" glare with that she kissed you goodbye and left with happy to settle in the private Jett.
"I DONT WANT TO GO!"you whined standing in the marble counter.
Your father groaned and ran his fingers through his brown hair. "Why not?" you were very scared,it was really hard for you to make any friends and being alone ashamed you a lot."I want to be home with you daddy"Tony almost awed but he had to stop being so soft around her child "That wasn't answering my question" he said sternly.He knew you were lying so he asked you again this time more soft "Can you tell me the real reason buttercup?"you opened your arms which was signal for lift me daddy and he did "I'm very scared please don't make me go" He almost gave in but he realized that he needed to push you to new experiences.
"This is what we are going to do"he reached for one of his 3 iPhones and gave it to you"You use this when you feel like you can't handle it anymore, iron man will get there in a second princess"you nodded because you really liked the idea "I love you daddy" you hugged his neck and he looked at your beautiful [your eye color] eyes and melted inside "I love y-"Then he stared at his Rolex only to realize the were late "SHIT WERE LATE".
He carried you all the way into the car where the driver was waiting .Tony opened the door for you and inside the car you were given a bouquet of flowers.Tony couldn't get enough pictures from you.They all made it to your Instagram where you had 78 million followers.

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