You dont like your baby sister

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7 years old
Pepper and Tony decided a year before they wanted to have another baby via a surrogate, that way it would take you by surprise.What they didn't know is that you were a little too attached to your parents and whatever got in the way between you and them was the cause of a major tantrum.

Pepper's POV:
"How do you think she'll react?" I asked a little nervously, Tony looks at me as if I were crazy "(y/n) will be so happy,this is by far the best thing we've ever given her" he takes a while and looks at me "She will even ask us for another one" he added with more cockiness than confidence.
1 hour later
It was time, in any second (y/n) will be arriving,tension grew stronger.

Narrators POV
(Y/n) walked inside the tower holding hands with Happy, while sipping her hot chocolate.The day was quite cold and cloudy, but they were her favorite ones.Happy clicked the elevator button,so she now knew there were approximately 30 seconds for the elevator to reach the lobby and some other 30 to reach the penthouse.
She noticed something weird,but she couldn't put her finger on it.Even the bodyguard seemed more anxious than ever.
When the elevator finally reached the lobby she counted to 30 until they reached the penthouse where Pepper was waiting quite anxiously.There was something very wrong given by the fact that his father had not welcomed her with a hug and that her mother was not working given the early hour that the clock showed. "Hi honey"said Pepper in a cheerful way while she knelt and her daughters level "Your daddy and I have brought you a big surprise" Your mom said while hugging you the hardest.She grabbed your tiny hand and walked you through the foyer where you noticed all sorts of boxes.When you both finally reached the hallway Pepper took you to the room you had strictly prohibited to set a foot into.
When your mother opened the door you finally noticed what this was all about.Pink walls,pink crib,pink EVERYTHING.It was a baby!
"Tony,sweetheart where are you?"asked Pepper as peaceful as ever. "Over here Pepps"you walked following the voice of Tony only to see him standing next to the crib smiling like an idiot.You got near him and raised your hands to him so he carried you over his hip "That is your new sister Antoinette" you looked at him with disbelief and then to your mother.The room stayed in silent,the only thing to be heard was the tension building up. "Daddy and I were thinking we could nickname her Tony just like your father"said Pepper to reduce the tension but unknowingly just made it worst.Tony looks at you "What do you think about Antoinette" while he asked you he noticed your lip starting to tremble while pouting.That meant you were going to throw a fit.
He put you back on your feet and knelt to your level "You'll love her when she's awake" seeing that you were still about to cry he panicked "I'll buy you whatever you want!"still no effect from you, he hated seeing ( y/n) crying "A PONY!"nothing would convince you this time not even going to Paris for the whole month.You stopped your show for a second looking for an alternative "If I don't love her when she's awake can we get rid of her?" Tony sighed "But she's Daddy's baby" that was the last straw, you stomped your foot on the ground and shouted at the top of your lungs "I AM DADDYS BABY"it was so loud that Antoinette started crying.By that you threw him your hot chocolate and stormed out of the room slamming the door on your way out, (y/n) ran to her hiding spot  (under her bed) where she sobbed like crazy.

While (y/n) cried Pepper tried calming her new baby with tears threatening to come out "That could have gone a lot worse" he said while taking of his white buttoned shirt now stained with hot chocolate.Pepper started crying since they've had brought this baby to the world for her daughter to have a partner "Maybe she thinks were replacing her". Tony went to your room because he needed to talk about the new baby "Sweety we have to talk" (y/n) did not only come out of her hiding spot but she said "I don't need a sister" she was confident at this point that they'll return her from wherever she came from.
Tony asked her to join him and Pepper to dinner in (y/n) favorite restaurant, but he didn't say Antoinette will be joining them.For the moment (y/n) cheered up for a second.

When the clock marked 5 o'clock in the evening Tony took you to the restaurant while Pepper was getting Antoinette ready.
"Soooo how did you like the new nanny" Tony asked trying to start the conversation, you were only 7 that meant you were old enough to form sentences and that's what you did all day, talk as if it were no tomorrow, but that didn't bother your father,in fact, he loved hearing your voice. "She was nice, but not as good as Emily..."
1/2 an hour later
You heard the paparazzi making a scandal but since you were used to their presence you ignored them until you saw YOUR mom with a stroller.Tony stood up to hold the baby and place her on his arms to bottle feed Antoinette while Pepper changed seats with you so she could get closer to the baby.That made you feel replaced as if your parents had another baby so you could get lost. "What are you doing daddy?" Tony drops what he's doing and  looks at you with confusion "I'm feeding your sister" (y/n) looks at the baby with disgust "She's not my sister" you muttered under your breath. "How was your day?" Pepper asked trying to prevent a scene "Fine" you looked up to Tony and signal him to come closer to you "You're an asshole" (y/n) whispered in his ear, she knew that what she had just said was a bad word.Tony looks at you with disbelief.

He tolerated your tantrums and even hating your sister, what he did not tolerate was you cussing,at such age.He didn't want to make a scene so dinner went normal for about 1 hour until they had to leave.
When the whole family stepped on the car you knew you were in trouble so you started talking about school in your classic loud manner. "Sweetie keep it down Antoinette is still sleeping" That only made you want to scream even harder "I WROTE DOG AND CAT 20 TIMES AND NEVER SPELT IT WRONG!" again your baby sister started crying.Pepper was not in the car because she had to take care of business,Tony kept whatever he had to say to himself but he did give you a warning look while trying to calm Antoinette.
When you finally reached the tower you ran off (something you had strictly prohibited) "Let's have a daughter Tony it'll be fun" said tony mocking his dear wife while running after you.
5 minutes of chasing had passed and Tony was out of breath so he went to the Penthouse while he asked the bodyguards to look for you.
(Y/n) was having the time of her life being free for the first time in a while until Happy grabbed her arm stopping her freedom.She got dragged all the way to the penthouse where she was expected by an angry Tony.
"You are in soooooo much trouble young lady" he shouted whispered since he did not wanted to wake up Antoinette who was sleeping in her nursery "What did you think you were doing???" no answer from you, (y/n) only looked towards the floor without expression "What did I told you about bad words?!!" You looked up and rolled your eyes while you walked to your room.Tony gasped in disbelief as he ran to your door to stop you from coming in, he knelt to your level and grabbed your shoulders "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I ASKED YOU A QUESTION" you look at him in the eye and scream as loud as you can "NO IM NOT FUCKING KIDDING YOU..." he stopped you by pushing you to the ground.
He was really mad but he realized what he had done and tried to hug you but you flinched.
He stood and went to his room to cry he felt like shit,you were scared of him.
You got into your room and cried yourself to sleep.
3 hours later
Tony went into your room and turned one night light on, that woke you up and when you saw him you hid yourself under the covers.Tony felt as if he was going to break. "Honey I'm really sorry about today, I know exactly how you feel." You started to uncover yourself from the covers "You pushed me" you were really hurt by that "I'm sorry about that I wasn't thinking" he said while sitting next to you in your gigantic bed "why would you and mommy have another baby?" Tony knew you were feeling replaced "Sweety please try to understand that mommy and daddy love you sooooo much, in fact, you are daddy's favorite" you looked at him "What about mommy?" You asked while playing with your fingers "She loves you like crazy but she also loves Antoinette" you looked at Tony "so you won't replace me any time soon?" Tony giggled "I won't replace you ever" with that you fell asleep on top of him.

" You started to uncover yourself from the covers "You pushed me" you were really hurt by that "I'm sorry about that I wasn't thinking" he said while sitting next to you in your gigantic bed "why would you and mommy have another baby?" Tony knew y...

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