Boyfriend series pt 1: You tell your parents you have a bf

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*might get wild
(Y/n) POV
17 years old
What am I going to do? Last week Peter asked me to be his girlfriend and now he wants to meet my parents.This is escalating quickly!
I pace for an hour in my room debating how am I going to break the ice for my parents.Mom is no problem, she already knows and she was glad I was dating, but Dad is going to kill me and send me to a nun convent.
The intercom makes a sound which indicates that someone is about to communicate something "Sweetie dinner is ready" Mom said a little annoyed since it was the fifth time she had asked me to come down, I press the button "I'm coming down in a sec" and so I did.
As I sat down I tried to make a small prayer so everything went smooth during dinner "I have to tell you something" Dad who was looking down to his phone shows usual boredom, but Antoinette exclaims "Dad, she has someone who she also calls daddy" Mom choked on her wine and dad lifted his head in order to see me as fast as he could " You do what?" He wasn't mad, but confused "Well isn't this such a nice evening" Tony glared at me with a serious look "Fine! That was not entirely true" I scream defending myself "ENTIRELY?" They both yell.

Antoinette looks at me with a smirk "Also I heard you both saying a very strange word" oh shit here we go " Sex is the word I wrote" she casually mentions while checking her phone where she writes everything she hears. "Who is the guy?" Tony demands "My boyfriend"he gives you a serious expression "Steve Stevens" I whisper hesitantly since it is a made up name. "Jarvis look up Steve Stevens" he commands the AI who immediately answers "Steve Stevens 36 years old, rapist, kill-" everyone was shook to say the least "She's lying his name is Peter Parker" you threw a water bottle to Antoinette and missed. "That's It!" Pepper pointed the two of you "Go to your room and you go to my office!"

Going to mom's office was the worst thing that could happen to anyone, our family therapist declared that room as "the intervention room" in case we need to talk about a serious topic.As you madre your way there both yours and Antoinette's paths crossed.She kept staring at me uncomfortably and I debated wether I should do something to her.
"They are going to make you break up with him" she chuckled "I mean what would you know about anything" she looked confused "That's why you are so caught up on my life, you can't have a life of yours because the only reason you are alive is because I was missing a kidney.You were made in a lab, and you probably won't live up to 20 so enjoy my life as much as you want. You are just a charity case" I exclaimed, but I was lying with her not living up to 20 and me missing a kidney I just wanted to scare her.
As I made my way to the office Antoinette
ran and tackled me "Stop hitting me you bitch" I Yelled as I tried to get her off me "What in the world do you think you are doing?" Mom shouts so loud her little vein in the neck almost popped.
As I made my way to the office I realized that dad just kept on cursing under his breath.
"Who is this Peter guy?" He asked with almost no patience.I looked down, making myself believe that I ain't no snitch "If you don't tell me your credit card will be revoked"Tony yelled, that meant I had to tell them THE TRUTH.
After 30 minutes of arguing we came to the conclusion that I must invite Peter for dinner.
I'm screwed

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