I Wish My Teacher Knew...

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Do you remember school? Did it quash your creativity or meet your needs?

Some teachers are popular because they can connect with kids in the gymnasium or on the track. These wonderful coach-teachers are athletes. But what if a teacher isn't a born athlete? What if the teacher can't even throw a baseball? How does that teacher go about being a great teacher? He or she could use some advice.

This book is for teens and adults who remember school to share their stories with teachers who want to make their lessons more interesting, compelling and creative. Help them teach the new generation and prepare them for the modern world.

If you would like me to dedicate a chapter of this book to you, please send me a message. I will try to include as many of your stories as possible. Please remember, this book is a tool to research better teaching methods. This a positive space where you can help advise enthusiastic teachers how to arrange lessons & activities etc. to make school more creative, positive, supportive, challenging.... (fill in your favorite positive here).

Check out the chapter comparing the Japanese and Canadian education systems. It would be great to include more cross-cultural comparisons, the view from private schools, and different attitudes towards technology etc.

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