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On October 28th, Jisung and Yoona made it official. Now they were girlfriend and boyfriend. Everyone else saw it coming, especially her managers and Jisung's group.

Their 100th day anniversary was coming up, which was February 5th. Also known as Jisung's birthday.

It's been a while since Jisung and Yoona have seen each other. Though they haven't seen one another in just a month, it seemed like an eternity to the both of them. Of course, they've been keeping touch through the phone, but it wasn't an everyday thing. He's been on tour, and NCT is currently in America.

February 3rd was the day Yoona decided to fly to California where NCT's next tour stop is. She planned to surprise the boy and was beyond excited.

Once Yoona landed, she spotted Renjun and Jaemin waiting for her at the airport. They came to pick her up because they were the ones who were willing to help her with the surprise. Yoona, Renjun, and Jaemin got into the car and proceeded to go to the rental home NCT was staying in. Since it was midnight, the younger members decided to stay in, while the older boys were out partying.

Renjun and Jaemin told Yoona to stay outside of the car as they get Jisung inside the house. They knew he was sleeping already, and if they woke him up, Jisung would be very cranky.

"Yah hyungs, what do you want?" Yoona hears Jisung yell at the boys.

"Happy birthday, Jisungie!" Renjun, Jeno, Donghyuck, and Chenle cheered in unison.

"You guys are so annoying! I'm sleepy! Why'd you wake me up?" Jisung complained.

"Go outside! We have a surprise for you!" Chenle laughed loudly, pushing him out the door. Jisung rubbed his eyes tiredly and walked outside. He dragged his feet to the porch and looked around for the surprise outside. Behind him, the door locked and he sighed.

He heard noises from behind the bush which startled him. Rushing to the door, he quietly yelled, "Yah! Let me in!"

From the window, he heard the four boys laughing at him. Quickly, Yoona jumped out from behind the bush and yelled, "Surprise!"

Once he heard Yoona's voice he pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly. Her head was buried in his chest, and a rush of happiness went through Jisung's body.

"Happy 100th day and happy birthday, Jisung!" she said happily.

Jisung was so overwhelmed that he started tearing up. He couldn't believe that Yoona was actually there in front of him, and he missed her a lot. Especially when they haven't even seen each other for months.

They let go of each other, and Jisung could not stop smiling. He was so happy to see her in person, and now he didn't have to see her through a screen.

"Happy 100th," Jisung whispered. It was past midnight, and everyone else in the neighborhood was sleeping. "I missed you so much, noona."

"I missed you too, Jisung," she replied. He pecked on her cheek, and Yoona pouted.

"Yah, if you're going to kiss me, don't make it on my cheek!"

"Sorry noona, it's too dark and I can't see."

Yoona playfully hit Jisung's arm and pulled the key out of her pocket.

"How did you get that?"

"Renjun and Jaemin gave it to me. They helped me plan this whole surprise."

"The last time I was locked out was when you locked me inside the dance room," Jisung teased. Yoona chuckled and rolled her eyes at the boy. She put the key in the door and entered the house.

They both sat on the couch, but then Jisung suddenly stood up.

"Noona wait, I have something for you," Jisung said leaving the living room and rushing into his room to get something. Once he came back, Yoona noticed he was holding a little jewelry box.

He plopped on the couch beside her and opened the small red box. Inside, was a gold charm bracelet.


"Noona, remember when we first met, you accused me of stealing a bracelet you lost? Well, after that I felt bad so I decided to buy you a bracelet for our 100th day," Jisung spoke, grabbing her hand so he can put the bracelet on her wrist.

Looking at the bracelet, Yoona blushed and hugged Jisung. This bracelet had more meaning and love than what her mother gave her. She couldn't believe that Jisung actually remembered everything since the beginning.

"Jisung... Thank you..." she spoke slowly. Yoona was lost for words. She has never felt this loved by a person who knew all of her flaws and insecurities. She never knew she could come across a boy who would think about her like this. She never felt like this before, and though they were both young, it was a good feeling. A feeling of everlasting happiness.

At this moment, she knew. This puppy love would grow into something bigger. Something greater that all the high school sweethearts would be jealous of.

So these words just slipped out of her mouth, "Jisung, I... I love you."

Jisung lowered his head and covered his smiling, red face.

"I love you too."

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