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Ever since Jisung started being friends with Yoona, she is the only person he would spend most of his free time with. The girl mostly asked him to accompany her at photo shoots or dance practices. But, she was never there during Jisung's.

Strangely enough, none of her managers nor their assistant asked him any questions about their friendship. They just know he will be there from now on. Knowing that made Jisung feel less anxious every day.

Sometimes her manager's assistant, Areum, would converse with him when Yoona is busy. Of course, Jisung still felt nervous speaking to a female. But after befriending Yoona, he felt more comfortable talking to the opposite gender. Areum only spoke to him to complain about Jaemin anyways.

Jisung did not really want the rest of the boys to befriend her because Yoona is his friend. His bandmates realized how much time Jisung has spent with Yoona, so during rehearsals, they would tease the young boy.

"So, do you find yourself having a crush on her?" Jaemin asked. "She's really pretty, you know."

"No, hyung. Yoona noona is just my friend," Jisung replied, putting emphasis on the word friend.

"Are you sure, Jisung? You spend so much time with her, how can you not form a crush?" Jeno added.

"Friends spend time together, like how we do," he answered with an annoyed tone. Jisung did not know what to do to prove to them that they were just friends. He did not see her differently.

Sure, Yoona was a pretty face, but at times Jisung would find her awkward around him. If they were to be together, he would not know what nice things to say to her. He just teased her most of the time. After all, he also only kept her company because she would ask him to. It is not like Jisung knew why she always wanted him around, he was just there because she said so.

Though Jisung found her awkward sometimes, she always had the best reactions whenever he would tease her. He noticed that she would start blushing, and how she would scrunch up her nose when she is angry. Sometimes, when he would make fun of her more than usual, she would clench her fists and holds her head up high like she was going to beat someone up. Obviously, Jisung has a huge height advantage and teases her some more.

"I don't think Yoona is my type," Jisung commented.

Mark, Renjun, Jaemin, Jeno, Chenle, and Donghyuck were surprised to know that Jisung even had a type. Donghyuck cocked an eyebrow and said, "How do you know what your type is now, Jisung?"

Jisung just shrugged. He mentally facepalmed himself knowing he should not have let that slip out of his mouth. What was his type anyways?

"Is your type Areum?" Jaemin questioned.

"No!" He yelled. Jisung knew about Jaemin's crush on Areum, so of course, he would not even think about liking her.

"So how come Yoona isn't your type, Jisung?" Donghyuck asked again.

"I barely know anything about her. She's kinda.. mysterious in a way."


Jisung was eating lunch with Yoona in the break hall. Some days, they would eat together and he's been noticing that she would remove the raisins out of her salad. She also drank a lot of sweet iced tea instead of hot tea. Every once in a while, she would sneak in a cheeseburger during lunch instead of her usual salad. What was strange was, they would just eat lunch as quick as they can, then proceed to whatever was next on their busy schedules.

Today was different. After having a talk with his hyungs, Jisung broke the silence.

"Yoona noona, what's your favorite food?"

"Why are you asking?" Yoona said in a surprised tone as her face started to turn red.

"I don't know. What is it though?"

"Cheeseburgers and fries! I eat salad a lot to maintain my weight, but I would eat a cheeseburger every day!"

"Isn't that too much? Saying every day?"

"Yes, but it's my favorite food. So if I could, it deserves to be eaten every day... What about you, Jisung?"

"Maybe, pizza?"

"Pizza? Jisung! That is the most basic thing ever!"

Throughout their conversation, he noticed a lot about her. For some reason, she always blushes when he talks to her. When it comes to things she likes, she goes off into a tangent.

"I know. It's a good food though," he smiled. "Tell me more about yourself."

She turned redder, "Well if you didn't know, my birthday is on Valentine's day. I hate it because it's about love, and I don't get that much love from people I personally know."

"I want to ride a helicopter. That's my dream. My favorite season is the winter. I also have another dream about the winter, but I don't want to go into detail about that. I hate bugs! They're disgusting! I know you tease me a lot, but no bugs please," she added blushing even more.

Jisung listened intently to what Yoona was saying. He genuinely wanted to know more about her, and it was nice to hear her speaking about her interests and dislikes. Meanwhile, Yoona kept talking because she never felt so comfortable telling a person about herself. She felt like Jisung would not judge her.

"Ya, Jisung, say something back to me," Yoona pouted.

"Ah, I like the winter too. Especially the snowy weather," Jisung laughed. "I also hate bugs, so don't worry about them."

Yoona looked at the time and frowned. "Jisung, we have to go. I have an interview really soon, so I'll just leave you here."

He nodded. As she left, he grinned and thought, "Yoona noona is really is an interesting girl."

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