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"Okay, if you don't like her, then can I date her?" Jeno spoke.

Annoyed by what Jeno said, Jisung threw the pillow next to him at Jeno's head.

"I'm joking! Relax!"

Jeno, Renjun, and Chenle laughed even harder at Jisung's reactions.

"You'll realize it on your own, Jisung," Renjun added.

"Realize what, hyung? You don't even have a girlfriend," Jisung replied.

"Yah! I've had crushes before!"

Jisung rolled his eyes. What does it even mean to like someone? How do you even know you like someone? He knew he wanted to ask his hyungs about it, but he was afraid that they might just tease him again. But, he has nobody else to ask advice from.

"Hey, how do you know you like someone?"  Jisung questioned. Everyone else's eyes widened. They knew the teasing would help Jisung admit, but they were moreover proud than taking this situation as a joke.

In the beginning, everyone knew Jisung was not into girls and dating, but suddenly he is interested after meeting Yoona. After spending time with Yoona. After getting to know Yoona.

"Well, your heart beats fast when you see her, or touch her," Jeno responded.

"Yeah, or after hanging out you don't want her to leave. And you always feel happy without her," Renjun added.

Jisung's cheeks started to burn hot, turning a shade of crimson as the boys spoke about liking someone. He feels this way towards Yoona. He knows he does.

"You always laugh the hardest when you're with her too! Like it's not the same when you're with your friends. You get all giddy instead," Chenle said smiling at Jisung.

"Should I tell her?" Jisung murmured to the boys.

"Yes!" they all yelled in unison.

"Go! Go! Go!" Chenle screamed.

Jisung nodded at all of them. He quickly got up and walked out the door. Without thinking, he left his phone behind in their room so he had no way to communicate with her. So the first thing he did was run to SM which was not too far from his dorm. Once he arrived, he could hear his heart banging like a drum.

A part of him was unsure if she was still in the building. But a bigger part knew she was there. Arriving at the front desk, he asked where Yoona was. Thankfully, the lady said she was in the dance practice rooms. Jisung could not stop moving around. He kept pacing across the elevator floor. As the elevator door opened, he saw Yoona from a distance, and without thinking, he yelled, "Noona!"

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