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bonus chapter

bonus chapter

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It was Valentine's day. Also known as Yoona's birthday. She was turning another year older. Yoona was still not used to the fact that her first boyfriend was younger than her by a year, but it didn't matter. Age was just a number to her.

The tour was over for NCT, and they were all heading back to Korea. Yoona, was busy with recording and practicing for her upcoming comeback in March. She had no time to spend her birthday, and though Jisung was back, she felt there wasn't enough time.

If people would walk around the town, there would be Valentine's day advertisements for chocolates. Secretly, Yoona wanted something for Valentine's day and her birthday especially because she had a boyfriend this year.

Jisung was oblivious. He knew it was his girlfriends birthday, but he didn't know that she wanted something cheesy and sweet. He knew his girlfriend inside and out, and after the bracelet all she did was tease him. He knew for a fact that Yoona wasn't into receiving, but instead she loved giving.

They both met up at Yoona's dorm that night for a small birthday party. Everyone gave her sentimental gifts, except for Jisung. He stood there looking at Yoona empty handed.

"Jisungie? You didn't give your girlfriend anything for her birthday?" Chenle said before throwing into fits of laughter.

Yoona didn't mind though, she was completely fine knowing Jisung didn't get her anything. Especially because he already got her a charm bracelet. Jisung felt embarrassed the entire night.

Everyone left, and what was left was Yoona and Jisung alone in her dorm. Jisung was silent the whole night. But he finally had an idea for a birthday gift.

He turned on the music and....

"I get it how I live it."


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