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"Jisung, since we're friends now, you have to do everything I say. Okay?" Yoona spoke. Jisung nodded in approval. Considering how Jisung is only surrounded by boys every day, he was excited to befriend a girl.

It has been a long time since Jisung was friends with a female. He had a few girl friends growing up, but they were never his best friends. Girls were never interesting to him either. Jisung thought they all acted the same, self-centered and annoying. He assumed Yoona had those characteristics, but he wanted to tolerate it. She was his first girl friend in a while after all.

"Yoona noona," Jisung laughed. "That's fun to say."

"It's not funny, and don't call me that! I don't want to hear Yoona or noona in the same sentence! It's either one or the other!" She warned the boy.

He kept laughing, knowing he enjoyed teasing her. Yoona's reactions to the things Jisung says or does entertains him. For some reason, he wanted to continue seeing how she would react.

"Okay, Jisung. I've heard you're a really good dancer, so can you accompany me during dance practice?" She asked him shyly. This was her first time asking a guy to do something for her, and she at least wanted to give it a try.

"Okay, Yoona noona," he giggled as they both walked to the dance rooms.

On their way there, he saw Chenle and Renjun. They looked completely shocked as they saw him with Kim Yoona. She glanced at the two of them but continued to mind her own business.

Meanwhile, Jisung was anxious. He knew they were going to tease him and say something to the others, but a part of him did not mind. Actually, he wanted them to know about his new friend. He wanted to show the others that he is mature, and not the maknae they always thought he was.

"Jisung!" Chenle called out and motioned Jisung to come towards him. To Chenle's surprise, Jisung did not even go to him. Instead, he quickly bowed apologetically and went inside the dance room with Yoona.

"Who are they?" Yoona questioned him.

"They're apart of Dream with me," Jisung replied.

"Ah, okay. Well, I'm going to dance. You can sit or something." And Jisung nodded obediently.

After a while, he started to know the choreography Yoona was dancing to. He quickly got up and danced along with her.

Yoona was surprised and excited. She has never seen someone learn choreography so quickly, especially if he never stood up to learn it. He just memorized it, and to Yoona that was amazing.

"You're actually good at dancing!" She cleared her throat, "I mean, I guess you're good at dancing."

Excited by Yoona's compliment, Jisung smiled. "Thank you, noona! You're amazing at dancing, too!"

"I said, I guess," she rolled her eyes and faced away from Jisung. Her face started to heat up as she saw the boy cheer from happiness. She never knew a person who was so excited over her compliments. Of course, her fans would, but Jisung was different. He also complimented her back, and thinking about it made her face turn even redder.

"Noona, you alright? Your ears are turning red, are you tired?" Jisung said in a concerned tone. Yoona blushed even more and quickly turned towards him.

"Uh, can you... Pass me my water?" She answered, sitting down on the ground. Jisung passed her the water bottle, and she chugged it right away. She did not want him to be suspicious of why she was blushing, but it is not like the boy would have known.

Yoona looked at the boy who continued to dance in the mirror. She started to notice how passionate he was about dance. From time to time, Jisung would smile at her in the mirror whenever he would notice her watching.

She noticed his facial features too, his chiseled jawline, his pink lips. She noticed the way his hair would move gracefully as he danced. Everything about him. At that moment, thinking about him made her smile, as her face heated up.

"What's gotten into you?" she thought to herself. "You started being friends with him a few days ago, why are you flustered over him?"

this is an ok chapter :/// but i hope u enjoyed hehe jisungs so cute

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