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Yoona was surprised to see the note from Jisung. She was not sure if the note was just a prank, or something sincere that she was hesitant to show up at the roof.

She received the note around noon. After that, she felt as if the time was going by super slow. She was excited to see him, but at the same time, she felt terrified. Yoona did not see Jisung the entire day, not even at the places where he usually is at.

At 6 pm, Yoona was sitting on the bench at the rooftop. She was still mad at him, but she knew she had to hear what he had to say. Anxious, Yoona fidgeted with the hem of her dress wondering when Jisung was going to show up. It was already 6:15 and he still has not arrived.

Yoona sighed knowing Jisung would not show up, so she left the rooftop making her way downstairs. She felt tears forming in her eyes.

She just got stood up. By someone younger than her too. The tears would not stop flowing down her face. Yoona was too sad to be angry at him. Deep down inside she really was waiting for a sincere apology.

Him not showing up not only hurt Yoona's pride, but also her heart. She did not understand why she was so fond of the boy, but she missed him. She missed his company. She missed his smile. His stupid jokes. Everything.

As she went down the stairs, she saw a boy sitting on the bottom step talking to himself.

"Noona, I'm sorry for. Ah no, I can't start like that. Noona, I didn't mean to listen. Ahhh. No, Jisung. Why do you keep messing up?"

Jisung kept rehearsing what he had to say to her. He was so nervous that he did not want to mess up, and wanted everything to be perfect. He lost track of time because he kept practicing what he had to say. The boy looked at his phone seeing the time was already 6:24, and he knew he had to go to the rooftop.

He quickly ran up the stairs finding Yoona right in front of the door. Jisung realized she listened to him rehearse, and his face turned red. He ruffled his hair, embarrassed, but Yoona just laughed.


"Noona," Jisung said cutting Yoona off. "I miss you."

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