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"Ya! Jisung! If you continue being shy or mean towards girls I don't think you would ever get a girlfriend."

Proceeding to sit down on the ground of the dance practice room, Lee Donghyuck looked up at the maknae of their group. "At least for me, I'm charming and girls are weak for me." Park Jisung rolled his eyes at Donghyuck who always spits nonsense out of his mouth.

He sometimes found himself wondering why he had to care about dating girls, or why girls matter so much to other guys. All he ever thought about was dancing, his hyungs, and his fans. Though the majority of his fans are girls, he mostly pondered on why boys need a relationship when he already has everything.

"Haechan hyung, I don't want to think about those kinds of things right now. I just want to focus on improving my choreography. Something you should do too," Jisung retorted back at Donghyuck. He laughed back at Jisung, noticing the boy was slightly getting annoyed by his comments. For some reason, Jisung was getting irritated by everyone's remarks about girls or relationships. Satisfied by Jisung's frustration, Donghyuck continued laughing and went out of the practice room to leave him alone. 

Jisung played the music and continued dancing for a few minutes, but he unexpectedly kept messing up his choreography as his constant curiosity about relationships flood his head. He thought it was stupid how the other members fawn over girls. He is still sixteen years old, so why did they always bug him about girls?

Distressed, he stopped the music and walked out of the practice room. As he proceeded towards the vending machines, he sees Na Jaemin flirting with one of the manager's assistants. "Hi Jaemin hyung and Areum noona," Jisung waved and bowed his head at the two. He quickly rushed towards the vending machine and put money for a iced coffee.

"Hey Jisung." Areum replied uninterestedly. She was impatient towards Jisung as he interrupted her's and Jaemin's conversation. Jaemin gave Jisung a look where he was begging for Jisung to leave because he was finally making a good move on the girl he's always had his eye on.

Feeling completely awkward, Jisung just wanted to leave. He only knew the dance practice rooms as a place in the management building where he can be alone, but today he did not want to go there at all. It just reminded him of all the boy's consistent bugging about girls. As the iced coffee finally came out, he grabbed it and quickly ran off towards the recording area.

The voices of the singers that can be heard through the walls were peaceful, yet noisy at the same time. Jisung wanted some peace of mind today, especially when everyone only talked about girls.

It is not like Jisung hated girls. He knew he loved his mom and grandma unconditionally. Throughout elementary he was just friends with some girls, but was never close to them. There was not anything that interested him about relationships or wanted to obsess over a girl like everyone else. Or maybe, he simply was naive.

He frowned at his iced coffee as it was not as cold as he wanted. Distracted by his thoughts, he mostly focused on opening the can rather than his surroundings. Then, boom. He bumped into someone and spilled his drink on his arm, but mostly the person he ran into.

"Shit!" a female voice said loudly. "Great," Jisung muttered out loud as he realized he ran into a girl. She looked furious, especially after what Jisung said. "Great? Excuse me! I feel sticky and disgusting! I smell like coffee now! I have an interview later!" the girl bickered.

Jisung did not know what to do or what to say, so by instinct he bowed his head and murmured, "Sorry," before dashing away. He barely saw a glimpse of her face, but he definitely knew who she was due to her obnoxious voice. She was also a singer under the same management, and is known as SM Entertainment's brat, Kim Yoona.

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