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~present time~

Tess's POV

"Daddy!" I wake in a jolt sitting up right in my bed. I'm breathing hard from mental exhaustion and my bed is soaked from night sweats. I look around my room to see it a mess. Sigh. I did it again. My mirror and windows are all shattered, my book case and desk are toppled over and my bed has moved farther into the middle of the room this time. Great. This is going to take forever to clean up and Sicilia is not gonna be happy.

"Tess? Tessa!" 2 minute response that's a new one. I look at my phone to see the time. 3:35 a.m

Stump stump stump! I can hear Sicilia making her way up the stairs to my room now. "Tess, is everything alright? I heard a crash and you screaming." She sounds worried this time. To be honest me too. This is the worst it's been since we joined this new pack. My wolf isn't too happy either she's been really uneasy lately.

"This wasn't like the others. I could almost see his face this time."

" I know. We were so close."

Sicilia starts knocking on my door. "Tessa Moon Stark! You better answer me!" She's really woried. It's still taking me some time getting used to her. Ever since they found me near their borders nearly two weeks ago naked, starved and unconscience she's been watching and taking care of me. She's one of the Omegas and the Alpha assigned me to her until I was well enough for questioning.

" I. I'm ok Sici! Just another nightmare is all. I'm fine go back to bed!" I call back. There's a half minute pause. She hasn't left yet.

"You want some warm milk and honey?" She asks softly. I'm already starting to like it here.


Helloooo! Sooooo thanks for reading I really appreciate it. Ok so so first i'd like to say that i dont have an editor yet so im just writing it how i think it should be. Secondly this is just my second attempt on writing a story on here, (First one didnt go so well kept getting writers blocks) Hopefully i will do much better and be successful. Again i just want to thank you for sparing me your time of day...or night which ever you prefer. There WILL be more to come with this one i can feel. Btw comment and vote if you liked!! I'll love you forever!! :)

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