Tired Ugly

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Back in my room  I go over the days events in my head. Although everybody seemed nice enough no one wanted my help. Every answer i got it was "No thanks." I usually wouldn't have cared but it just felt odd that all four Omega leads didn't need me. Normally it was "Tess this" or " Tess that." Not to mention that Mister Confident kept following me. I couldn't even go for that run.

Yes, that was a disaspointment. It's been awhile. I'm getting anxious Tessa.

I know, I'm sorry.

Well I guess I can finish cleaning my room then. Thankfully Sicilia didn't come up here bless her elderly heart she would have had a heart attack. She's lead Omega over the whole house and chores. Case you're wondering yes there are more houses in the territory but we keep them clean and looked after. Alpha Xavier is head over everything obviously then his Beta Luke and so on. Then there's the warriors our protectors. Omegas next then there's everyone else. I have yet to find a place but to be honest. I'm not looking for one.

I can't stay here for too long I have to keep searching for my family. I need to know where they are and if they miss me as much as i miss them. I know it's strange that I miss something that I never had but deep down I know something is missing.

"I hope we find them. It would be niced to know." My said replied

Me too.

After I finished moving the bed back and replacing the glass for the windows (let me tell it wasn't easy no matter how much control i have over my powers) I moved to picking up the glass off the cream colored carpeted floor. Looking up I see my reflection in the broken mirror. I look terrible from my lack of sleep at night. I'm always so tired, tired ugly. I take a step closer but the bottom of my foot was cut by a piece of the glass that I had missed. In a sad attempt I hop my way towards my bathroom. Thankfully it's connected to my room. Let me tell you this Omega house is huge with 10 bedrooms 6 and half baths an oversized kitchen, dining and living room and the hugest laundry room I've evern seen.

Once i make it to my bathroom I have to reopen the wound due to my fast healing. Werewolves have a self healing ability but for some reason mine is faster. After I fixed my foot I started to wash my hands. I stopped and examined myself in the bathroom mirror. I remember when I first came to in the pack hospital everybody kept staring at me. It was a mix between confusion and awe, Franny being one of them, and even disapproval. People see my skin, face and hair and they automatically have to figure out what I am. Hell I want to know what I am.

"What we are is beautiful and strong. We are survivers." My wolf states proudly.

Of course I automatically stand up taller and lift my head up higher. I looked at myself again. In my reflection was, like my wolf said, a beautiful strong surviver. Although I still had faint scars my soft caramel skin glowed. My head is covered in a mess up golden brown loose curls that reach just below my chest. Hiding behind my uncut bangs lie my heterochromia eyes. One light green and one light blue. Beneath is a small button nose ontop of lightly plump soft pink lips. My favorite feature about my self is the plethora of freckles sprayed out over my nose. I agree we are beautiful. Unique and rare.

Like you wolf.I compliment her.

"Like both of us. Remember we are one. Look the moon is full tonight. Now we have to run. "

Yea but just one problem. I tell her walking towards the window.

In the distance the sound of wolves serenading Moon could be heard.

So does everybody else.


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