Moon Called

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Tessa's POV

Outside my window I could hear excited movement from the pack. Tonight is a sort of sacred event for most werewolf packs. The rise of the full Moon has a sort of calling to us or more of a pull toward our inner wolves. On this night our other halfs are stronger and more wild then any other. This is what I'm worried about. It's harder not to fall to Tala's persuasion ( My wolf).

We must go. And she starts.

I don't think that's such a good idea Tala. We could be seen.

The worst thing possible is for us to be seen, especially on a night as special as this. Around this time our powers are its' strongest and meaning the pull is also strong.

Tonight is not your night to think. Tonight is my night. Mine. Slowly I could feel my will power grow weak. In my minds eye I could see her eyes glow a bright, misty silver.

 Now shift. 

A build up of pressure started at the base of my spine, spreading all over my body making my eyes close. The sound of bones snapping and reshaping itself could was loud in my ears and the tingly feeling of fur pushing its way through my skin tickled. A brief shot of pain finally burst through the pressure build up and suddenly I was on all fours. Before I could see, I could hear and feel. Everything. Every wolf, pup, unborn pup and mating bond within a 100 mile radius it felt. But most importantly I could feel Moon......


Tala's POV

I opened my eyes and everything was crystal clear and sharp. My body tingled all over with the energy given to me by Moon. The need to get out was now stronger in my truer form. Looking around the small space, well small for my wolf size, I reasoned out which way I should go.

Well it'll have to be through the door. I just fixed that window. Tessa makes her conscience present in my thoughts.

'Hmmm point taken. I'll shift our body back to get through the house.'

Shifting back was faster. Not bothering with clothes I made my way out the door.

We need to be sneaky and not be seen. 'Noted but your advise is not needed. This night belongs to the wolves.'

Mockingly she replies, "Noted."

I slowly inch my way down the hall keeping my body close to the walls and into the shadows. At first glance it seems the Omega house feels vacant but I feel a presence downstairs. My foot steps are soft and stealth like but it helps that the floor is carpeted. Down stairs is like the upper floor but like I felt before there was someone in the kitchen.

"Finally the full Moon." A pack member says.

" I Know! I'm so excited! Everybody is anxious about the bond run tonight.." Another states. They're both not wearing any clothes as it is common for weres after a shift. Their faces however are masked by sheets of makeup and they smell of other male wolves. Untasteful and shaming. Their mates will not be happy about that. I am thankful to have such a prude as a human counterpart.

Hey! I am not a prude! I'm just careful. I want it to be special for our mate. She interjects.

Outside the night air is cool and welcoming. Above, the Moon calls to me.


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