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Mate. That's all I could think.

For the first few minutes we just stood there staring at each other locked in one anothers gaze. The night air had stopped and everything was still. It felt like everything had frozen in time and we were the only two in the world. I couldn't believe it. I found him.

He stood still before me with  the same transfixed gaze, unmoving, unblinking like me. Both still in our wolf form I took the time to examine him. While Tessa (my human half) would probably be more interested on his human form I was more focused on his wolf. His eyes were a dark green with gold specks dusted in them just looking at them made you think he could read into your soul and his fur looked of a dark, charcoal gray. He radiated power and strength, which was both good and odd since he didn't have the aura of an Alpha, meaning he had to be of a close high rank. He was obviously bigger than me since I had to look up to him and that was saying something  since I am slightly larger than the average female werewolf and his stance was strong.

" We need to make a move before it's too late." Tessa's words brought me out of my trance. I finally blinked and slightly shook my head to clear my mind. Between me and Tessa, I was more cool headed during tough times but I had never experienced anything like this. I could have never been prepared for this. Parents are supposed to teach their cubs about this day, show them how it feels to be with your one true soul mate. But we didn't have any. For the first time I was clueless as to what to do. I wonder what he's thinking? Is he just as thrown off by me as I am him?

" It's now or never Tala, even if he is our mate he's still a male. You gotta make the decision for them sometimes."

"It's not that easy Tess. You'd understand if you saw him in his human form. "

" Well maybe I could get that chance if you hurried your furry butt. Just move it already! "  With saying that she managed to make me budge a bit making our mate stirr, he huffed in what seemed like anticipation. He was trying to move too. At that moment it seemed as if everything had heightened. The Moon looked brighter, the trees had started to russle and in the distance the sound of the pack moving and howling joyfully could be heard. our steps finally brought us closer to each other. Unfortunately because I wasn't linked to the pack yet I couldn't hear his thoughts but it didn't matter, our lack of words made the moment even better. With another eager huff our mate made the move to bring our noses together and when they did I no longer felt alone. Everything was right in the world again. I was finally whole.

Suddenly the moment was broken when an alarming howl ripped through the night, snapping our mates attention away from us. He jolted his head in the air briefly searching for something and gave a low growl. I was thrown off once again and shook my head in a daze. Everything came rushing in at once. The pained riddened howls and malicious growls filled the night and the smell of blood consumed my senses.

" Shit! Tala we're being attacked!"Tessa alerted me.

In the bushes beside us a snap sounded followed by two rogues jumping out at us. Our mate immediately went into action confronting the rogues head on before they could reach me.

" Tala we have to do something. Snap out of it!" The alarm in her voice shook me out of place. That had never happened to me before. I was always ready for anything. That's how we had survived all these years. The sound of the fight infront of me brought me back to what was happening. Seeing my mate take on the Rogues by himself was indeed impressive and he didn't even look like he was struggling. Seeing him finish off the last rogue in our small clearing I had to admit i couldn't take my eyes of of him. He just seemed so skilled and moved so smoothly with such power. For a moment i had to remind myself that we were under attack.

Feeling a nudge on my neck and hearing a soft wine i blinked and looked up to my mates eyes once more. It seemed as if he was making sure i was alright. I gave a nod and huff a breath. Tuning back into the commotion around us, I looked back to where it seemed like the brunt of the fight was taking place. Hearing a child in the distance scream out, something in me snapped and i took off without a second thought. Following closely behind me, I could feel his presence keeping up with me. At that moment I felt like I could take on anything.

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