The Wolf in Me

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Tala's POV

I swiftly make my way towards the inviting trees, seeking their shadows. I'm deep inside the woods by the time all the wolves have shifted and await their Alpha. Positioning myself on a cliff, I wait. Even though I am not to be seen doesn't mean I want to be rogued out on a night like this.  On the otherside of the territory Midnight Star's Alpha, Xavier demands his everyones attention. He is the only one not yet shifted.

"Brothers! Sisters! My pack, my family." He exerts his Alpha power through out his pack. " Tonight I am honored to be able to lead you in the bonding run. There is nothing more imporant than a strong unity among pack members and allies." Howls of agreement are given from some of the pack members, their wolves are all in control.

While the Alpha gives his speech I scan the audience, feeling the excitement and hunger roll of their bodies. A night breeze softly rustles through the trees, mixing with the air and spreading different scents around. There was one in particular that caught my attention. In a way it felt like i was caught in a trance, blindly following the scent, in the background was the murmur of the Alpha still giving his speech. I kept following the scent until I came to the edge of a clearing a mile away from the pack. I felt like I was in a trance of some sort and i didn't want to get out of it. I was so transfixed with the smell that I didn't notice his presence until he was standing infont of me. For a brief second of adrenaline and shock shot through me preparing me to attack and defend myself when I realized who this wolf, this man was, where the scent came from. My mate.


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