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"Good morning everyone" I greet my Omega roommates as I make my way down the stairs. Everyone's busy with their morning chores. I'm only slightly tired today and my appetite is getting bigger. I feel stronger but not strong enough to meet the Alpha just yet. Here at Midnight Star everyone had a purpose and a place from Alpha to Omega. Me I'm an Omega. Well sort of.

"Oh! mornin Tessa. How ya feelin'?" Franny, one of the Omegas asked. Other than Sicilia, Franny was the second friend i had made since my arrival. She's about my height with long,wavy, dark brown hair  and chocolate eyes. Like me she doesn't wear make up which she doesn't need her skin is naturally smooth with a slight tan.

"Eh, I could be better but I'm good thanks. Them pancakes though. You know I gotta taste them to make sure they're safe for everyone right?" I'm a sucker for her cooking.

"Haha uh no. You'll get yours when everybody else comes down for breakfast. Ah! stop drooling in my batter!!" She swats at my retreating finger. She's incharge of the kitchen and food for the pack.

"You love me." I smirk walking outside to see who needed help with what.

"Don't test me." I hear her grumble. Even though I'm outside my werewolf hearing picks up. She know she loves me. It's hard not to.

Smelling the fresh spring air, my wolf decided to poke her head up.

It's so nice here this morning you think we could go for a run later? Maybe? Yes?

She's so cute sometimes.

Eh yea maybe. I'd like to explore the territory some more. This place feels oddly familar. Can you feel that?

Someone's watching us. We have to be careful when shifting. No one can see us.

Behind me up the hill one of the patrolling warriors was looking at me intently. He didn't even stop when he saw me that i noticed. Someone's confident.

I know. We have to lay low. People can't seem to act right when they see that our fur is blonde.  


*Authors Note~

Yaay!! chapter 2!! whoot whoot! ok soooooo what you think? Have you ever heard of a werewolf with blonde fur? I haven't so idk. Anways. Let me know what you think please and dont forget to COMMENT AND  VOTE!! pwwwwweeeeeaaaasssssssesssss!!! I'll love you forever! Mkays bye :)


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