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~ 14 years previous~

Unknown POV

"Daddy!" A girl screams from inside the burning house. The house I set on fire.

Chaos is everywhere around me. Blood from both sides spilled all because of one stupid brat. A brat that holds more power than any could imagine. Gifted the blessing from the Moon herself. I'll do anything to have it. And the Moon decided to gift it to a pathetic excuse of an Alpha. An Alpha that doesn't even realize what he's got. It should belong to me! Not that fool!. Doesn't matter after tonight she'll be mine. And nothing will stand in my way.

"You!" Ah there he is.

"Why? How could you do this, we trusted you, you were my Beta!" Alpha says. Or soon to be dead alpha.

"You have no idea what you're dealing with Jason. You're clueless and weak. Why the Moon blessed your family with her I will never understand. I will have her." I reply.

"Over my dead body!"

I was hoping he was going to say that.

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