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•||Ch2: Gathering clues||•

•||Ch2: Gathering clues||•

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||Sania POV||

I winced as I put ice on amma forehead and ointment on her black and purple eyes. Abba abused her very badly. It angered me more to see her condition. I made a decision no matter what, I would do anything to put them all in jail.

I would do anything for our rights. Till when we all women bear this abuse. I gathered few proves against all those people. Soon those bastards would be behind the bars.

I gritted when I looked at unconscious amma who was hissing when I put a little pressure. I wiped her tears and kissed her forehead, "Soon amma. Soon I will take all of the women out of this hell," I whispered in her ear.

Zara noor came in the room and whispered, "You know it is useless. No one of us women stand in front of these monsters who disguise themselves in men. They have much power than us. We are like ants in front of the." I looked at her and hugged her.

I knew she went through the worse like amma. When she was 13 years old abba married her to 35 years old man. I was 7 at that time. He tried to marry me with an old age man too but amma somehow saved me. I was inter passed student. No girl in our village even passed matric because those men who were our father marry them at the young age but I was lucky because my Amma struggled a lot for me.

When Zara noor married to that old man, he tortured her and it increased day by day. At the of 14 when all the teenagers enjoy the life and their teenagehood (Dunno if this word is in dictionary or not😁, so bear it), she became pregnant but that didn't mean he stopped torturing her.

On her fifth month that bastard kicked her in her stomach. Because of that she would never become a mother. When Zara told abba he did nothing. Abba took Zara and left her back to that idiot house but he didn't accept her back and kicked her out of that house.

He was still roaming freely in this village which made my blood boiled thinking about him. "Sania forget about him. I don't want you to again get angry," Zara mumbled hugging me back. I tried my best to control all the tear which were threatening to fall. I hated to see my sister like that.


I sneaked in abba office in police station and started looking for more information against everyone specially against that bastard Chaudhry. I saw a file which had many information about Chaudhry.

I heard footsteps like someone was coming this way. I quickly hid under abba desk with the file in my hand. I kept quiet and heard two voices of abba's men.

"Chaudhry Sahab did right thing to burn his daughter. That give now a great lesson to all the women to never try to do anything which they can't because they are all useless and worthless," voice number one said.

(Sahab means sir. In respective way people call him sahab.)

I clenched the file in my hands and felt my body shook in anger. I wanted to punch and kill them. How could they forget that because of the women, which they called useless worthless, they came in this world.

"Agree. Whatever they do they will be our pet," voice number two said.

"I heard that Parvez is going to marry her daughter to Nasir tonight," voice number one said.

I pressed my lips together to stop the gasp loudly. Parvez daughter, Abida was just 12 years old and that Nasir was 30. I had to stop this marriage. I didn't want that little innocent soul to go through anything which she would never bear.

"We came here to find a file but see here we are having conversations. Quickly find the file before sir comes and shout at us," voice number two said.

I moved a little more under the desk when I saw their feet moving here and there. "I found it," voice number two said. A pen fell on the floor in front of the desk where I was hiding.

I looked at the man who bent down to pick it. I panicked and tried not to make a sound and hid myself more. He was almost see me when voice number two called him and he looked back at him and stood up.

My one hand held file and other was on my mouth. When they both walked out of the office I removed my hand and sighed in relief. I quickly crawled out of the desk and stood up.

I looked around and wiped the sweat from my face. I sneaked out of the office quietly and ran away once I sneaked out.

I dropped the file in my small room which I shared with Zara. I drank the water in one gulp. That was so near if he saw me I was dead by now. I closed the door and opened the file and read it.

I put the file in my small bag in which I also had placed other clues. Now I had to do one thing tonight and that was to save Abida that innocent soul.



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