Chapter 3 : The Rooms

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Chapter 3 ; P : The Rooms


My Pov  ;


Each King were shown their rooms, than happy with the results, they decided to stay in them .

Itachi looked out the window thinking.

' What kind of King is Naruto? ' He thought as he stared deeply at a tree.

' He doesn't even act like a King .............'

Itachi's eyes widened before he turned his from side to side.

' Why i am even thinking of him ? I should check on them '

He thought before walking off to check on the other Kings.

Guards bowed down as he walked through the halls and he met with his first door which has Kiba in it.

Itachi brang out his hand and slowly knocked on the door before opening it .

He peeked his hand through the door .

'' Kiba-''

'' DON'T COME IN ! '' 

The door was quickly slammed in Itachi's face and he was lucky enough to get his hand out of the door .

Itachi gazed at the door before snapping back.

'' Kiba are you doing ok ? '' Itachi asked through the door.

'' Yeah ! It's fine you may go now '' Kiba shouted back.

Itachi walked away without saying anything else, flipping his hair as he walked.

The next door was Neji's.

He knocked on the door a few times before curiously opening it .

Neji was sitting on the wooden desk writing something down, keeping a poker face on.

Itachi coughed getting Neji attention.

'' What do you want ? '' Neji asked coldly.

Though Itachi paid no attention to the tone.

'' Are you doing fine ? '' Itachi asked 

'' Yes ''

That's all Itachi needed to go out that door.

Next was Shikamaru's room and after hearing he was doing fine he went out to Naruto's room.

Itachi was a bit nervous walking in the room.

Knocking on it a few times he opened the door only to not see anyone inside.

Curious, he walked in and closed the door behind him 

'' Naruto ? '' He called out .

'' Yes i am here '' Naruto called back from a room attached to the front.

Itachi walked over to the room only to met Naruto sitting on his desk scribbling down something.

He couldn't help but start getting butterflies .

Naruto was mouthing a lot of stuff that Itachi didn't know.

'' What are you doing ? '' Itachi finally asked.

He walked over to Naruto, only noticing now that Naruto just had cream white Pjs, made from the finest silk.

Itachi nearly started blushing on how cute Naruto looked.

'' Just finishing my paperwork so i won't have to worry about it later on '' Naruto answered.

Itachi nodded and looked down at what he was writing only to be shocked.

'' That's S-rank paperwork ! '' Itachi said shocked.

Naruto nodded .

'' Why do you sound surprised ? Don't you do it ? '' Naruto asked looking at Itachi.

Itachi nodded slowly, lying.

Even if Itachi is smart, he could barely do A-rank paperwork let alone S-rank.

'' Andddd... DONE ! ''

Naruto slammed down the pen and put the paperwork in the file.

'' Well , thanks for visiting '' Naruto smiled at Itachi.

Itachi nodded and walked off, knowing that if someone said that , it's means you should leave.


Sorrryyy for short chapter , i'll make the next one longer 


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