Chapter 7 : Oh..

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Chapter 7 : Oh..


My Pov :


Itachi ran after Naruto, well not ran but walked fast.

Itachi had bigger and longer legs so he caught up easily, putting his hands on Naruto's shoulder.

'' Naruto, slow down '' 

But Naruto didn't listen, and turned the corner taking the flight up the stairs.

'' Naruto '' Itachi called out but Naruto didn't listen.

The stairs were making Itachi pretty tired.

Naruto only stopped beside his bedroom door which was at the top floor.

'' Tell the rest that i am not coming to lunch nor dinner '' Naruto said as he went inside of his room.

'' Naruto wai-''

But Naruto just slammed the door in Itachi's face, getting the attention of some guards who were now smirking in their helmets.

Itachi looked at one.

'' Well, get back to work ! '' Itachi snapped making the guard get a fright and stand up straight.

Itachi turned around and walked down the hall to his bedroom.

He was mad and he didn't know why.

It was his little brothers Sasuke's fault so why?

But Naruto getting mad meant Itachi getting mad.

Itachi shook his head.

' I couldn't possibly like Naruto..'

Itachi admitted, Naruto was good looking, his hair was bright, his eyes were beautifully blue.... but....

Itachi entered his bedroom and shut the door hard.

He couldn't, not with another King, his Mother was probably joking when she said ' Maybe Find Love?'


Itachi sat at the dinner table with the rest of the Kings, putting down his fork and knife, finishing dinner.

It's quiet as usual.

'' Where's Naruto ? '' Kiba asked breaking the silence '' He didn't come down to lunch and now he skipped dinner ''

Itachi looked at the stairs leading down to this dining room.

It's like he expected Naruto to run down the stairs on the count of ' 1,2,3 '.

But he didn't.

Itachi stood up and looked at the plate where Naruto was suppose to be eating.

'' I'll bring him the food '' 

Without listening to what the rest had to say, Itachi took the plate of food and headed up for upstairs.


'' Naruto ? ''

Itachi knocked on the door waiting for Naruto to answer.

'' Naruto ? '' 

Itachi called out again.

Itachi stared at the door, feeling.... quite sad that Naruto didn't answer.

He was about to walk away when the door opened.

'' Sorry for being lat-''

Naruto looked up only to see that it was Itachi not a maid as he thought it was.

Itachi looked down at Naruto. His hair was messy, showing he was going to do something, his big blue eyes staring at him and his lips slightly parted showing his tongue making Itachi's stomach growl with hunger.

'' Oh '' Naruto's face showed confusion '' mmm, what are you doing here? '' He asked.

Itachi snapped out of his mini dream.

'' I came here to give you your food '' Itachi showed Naruto the warm plate which had his food on it.

'' Oh '' Naruto paused for a moment '' come in,''

Naruto opened the door letting Itachi in his bedroom and shut the door.

'' I am gonna take a bath first,  i am gonna be 20 minutes or so ..... you can wait or leave '' Naruto said as he went inside the bathroom not letting Itachi say anything as he locked the door.

Itachi decided to stay in those few seconds.

If he stayed maybe his trust with Naruto could.... extend.

He put the plate on the table and sat down on the chair and he could hear the shower been turned on and used.

It was silent and the shower on was the only thing making noise.

Itachi looked around the room.

The bed was messy, the blanket falling half way down to the floor. The Tv was moved closer to the bed than it really was, paper work messed up in the cupboards clothes sticking out, i could go on .

Itachi hands twitched.

You see, Itachi is a clean freak.

Unable to hold back, Itachi stood up and decided to clean.

He firstly went to the shelf's were the clothes were sticking out.

He opened the first shelf which were filled with random colourful Pjs.

Itachi signed and started to fold and put the clothes back.

#1 shelf done.

Itachi went down to the second to fold the other pile only to be frozen on the spot.

' What........... no way no way ' Itachi muttered as he took a step back.

Inside the shelf were............................. PANTIES !!

No .. no.. that's a mistake those aren't .... Naruto's ?... are they '

Itachi slowly went over and took the panties in his hand, stretching them out.

They were quite small but when Itachi flash back to the size of Naruto's hips, they would be perfect on him.

And yes, Itachi looked at Naruto's hip. It was one time only!

They weren't those ones that went up your ass, of course not, they were like boxers but the thigh part was higher, there were all different type of colours, it was like a rainbow party in there.

The ones that Itachi was holding were a yellow colour with a black waistband and had ' Sexy ' written at the back where the ass should be.

Itachi blushed at the thought of Naruto wearing these, only these.

And... something was getting hard.

Itachi quickly abandoned the thought of cleaning and only wanted to get out.

So he did.


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