Chapter 9 : Really

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Chapter 9 : Really


My Pov ;


Naruto didn't come down for breakfast this morning.

' I should of stayed , i am such an idiot ' Itachi commented on himself.

 Itachi could tell by the looks on the other Kings faces that they were confused on why the Uzumaki king wasn't coming to breakfast, lunch or dinner and why haven't they heard of him.

Did something happen?

Itachi knew one of them was gonna ask something so he answered before any of them asked.

'' He's sick '' Itachi answered staring at the now empty plate. '' He'll probably come down tomorrow ''

At the corner of his eye, he saw the Kings nod and they went back to eating.

Itachi already finished his food, so he stood up and walked off.

He was too pissed off to say goodbye.


Itachi closed the door on his room and he went over to his bed to watch some Tv.

Itachi was surprised to find himself bored since he got no paperwork any more.

Does that mean he didn't even have a life before he became King?

Itachi signed running his room through his long hair.

Than Naruto came in his mind again.

How was he suppose to say sorry now? Naruto was even more pissed than ever.

And why did he worry so much though? 

Ok so i'll say this again.

He knew Naruto was sexy and attractive... ok maybe that's a bit too far but those 2 and cute and loud...


There it is again.. the but's coming in.

Itachi sighed irritated.

He liked Naruto yet he didn't.

But Itachi couldn't ignore Naruto for some reason.

He knew the reason but he just didn't want to admit it..


Next Day ;


 Itachi knocked on Naruto' door, ready to say sorry.

He finally had the balls to do it.

Naruto answered straight away and looked up at Itachi.

But Naruto's face were bright red making him look adorable.

' Thought ' Itachi.

'' I just came here to say that-''

Before Itachi could even think the word sorry Naruto interrupted him.

'' It was you right ? '' Naruto said, his eyes were dangerous yet he was blushing.

Itachi stared back at Naruto.

'' Was me ? '' Itachi repeated dumbfounded.

'' Urgh! '' Naruto looked like he was gonna rip his hair out.

Naruto looked from side to side, and seeing no Guards, he pulled Itachi in his bedroom by his shirt, taking Itachi by surprise.

'' It was you, i know it was you ! '' Naruto shut the door and shouted at Itachi his face getting even more red.


'' I don't understand '' Itachi finally said.

Naruto stared at Itachi more making it a long silence .

'' You went through my clothes a-and looked a-at my ..u-underwear '' Naruto stuttered, whispering the last part but Itachi has good ears and heard it.

Now it was Itachi turns and his face went bright red.

'' I-I was cleaning your room when i saw them '' Itachi said looking away from Naruto. 

Itachi was too embarrassed.

Naruto just stared at Itachi.

'' What the hell are you? A cleaning lady ?'' Naruto said.

Itachi snapped back his head at the sound of that.

'' I am not a cle-''

'' Get out '' Naruto pointed at the door.

Too embarrassed to fight back, Itachi listened and backed out of the room til he was outside.

Naruto kept his hand on the door handle, he was shaking out of embarrassment .

And Itachi knew it was the time to say sorry.

'' Um, i am sorry for looking at your panties.. '' Itachi said avoiding Naruto's glaze.

But he shouldn't of said that.

'' UNDERWEAR !! '' Naruto shouted before slamming the door in Itachi's face.

For the second time.



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