Chapter 8 : Light Side

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Chapter 8 : Light Side


My Pov ;


Itachi went into his room as fast as he could, shutting the door behind him and locking it.

He leaned against the door and slowly slid down til the ground hit his bottom.

The private part was throbbing against his pants.

Itachi grabbed the part which his hand which in fact, made it worse.

Itachi knew what hard ons were, but... he never got one in his life and that's why he panicked.

' Shit!...' 

This is why Itachi doesn't dream about boys or kinky things.

A hard on will pop out even if you don't want it there.

Than something else came into Itachi's head.

He left Naruto's room without telling him!

Now Naruto wouldn't trust him for anything.

Itachi groaned in annoyment and leaned his head against the door.

' Could this get worse? ' Itachi thought and it just did.

'' Itachi, can you open the door i need to talk to you ''


'' Not now '' Itachi responded getting more annoyed by the second.

There was a pause.

'' Do you like Naruto ?''

Sasuke whispered through the door so only Itachi could hear.

Itachi's eyes widened.

' W-Why would Sasuke ask that '

But when Itachi thought about it, he got exemely jealous when Sasuke hit on Naruto and nearly got a nose bleed while seeing those panties.

But Itachi stayed silent in his own thoughts.

Sasuke didn't say anything after that and walked away leaving Itachi alone on the ground to think.

To think about Naruto


Sorry for the short chapter well at least i updated well anyways i'll try make chapter 9 longer.

And if you're confused on the countries part or any part , ask in the comments i will answer them all.

Thanks ~NekoNile


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