Chapter 6 : Sasuke Uchiha!!

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Chapter 6 : Sasuke Uchiha !!


My Pov :


It was a late night ( 11:28pm) and all of the Kings were in bed sleeping peacefully, knowing the extra guards around the castle will protect them.

Itachi walked down the hall quietly to his brother's bedroom to tell him the news.

He stopped at a big double door and knocked twice on it , barely getting to the third knock when the door opened showing a grumpy Sasuke.

'' What is it ? '' He growled.

'' May i come in '' Itachi ignored the tone.

'' Sorry no females allowed '' Sasuke was about to close the door but Itachi caught it with his foot.

'' It's about one of the Kings meeting you, just as you asked '' Itachi stared at Sasuke as his head lifted up.

'' I am listening ''


 It wasn't always the same in the morning.

Some Kings didn't wait up for breakfast and instead had it in their beds.

Sasuke was getting ready to meet the Uzumaki King, fixing his tie, his hair, hoping to get a good impression . 

Itachi was combing his raven hair. 

When he was younger, his hair would always get in knots, and trust me, it hurted when his Mom brushed it ( Same goes for girls ).


Naruto's POV 


I just came out of the warm bath, since i don't like it when the bath water gets too hot.

Did you see how fancy their bathroom is?

It's like everything is made out of gold.

Oh did i mention the size of the master bedroom that i sleep in? 

It's like the size of a whole house, layed out flat.

Today i was meeting Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi's younger brother who, is older than me.

That kind of gets me on how younger i am. 





Sasuke walked down the gold stairs with Itachi next to him.

He had only walked down the gold stairs once before, when Itachi was crowned King,  Sasuke had been beside Itachi, walking him down , and now this is his second time.

Sasuke did look forward meeting the Uzumaki King.

At least he would have someone to talk too, the people at school are completely boring.

They both turned right which led to the living room where Uzumaki king would be waiting.

The guards both bowed down and opened the two large doors leading to the room.

Sasuke smirked 'I can get used to this ' He thought.

But to Itachi, it was nothing special.

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