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ItaNaru : Possessive 

Chapter 1 ; P


Itachi's POV :


Life .

This is the most important thing to a human.

And the thing is.

I have power over it.

If i wanted them dead.

They'll be dead.

If i wanted them to vanish with no trace.

It will happen.

I rule over 1 of the 5 great continents in the world.

The first is the Uchiha Continent , Second is the Nara Continent , Third is the Uzumaki Continent ,Fourth is the Hyuga Continent and the Fifth is the Inuzuka Continent where all the dogs rule.

We all decided to make peace with each other after the huge war with all the five of us fighting .

I sighed as i carried on with the paper work.

My parents are growing old and decided to give the title of King to me .

Than the door banged opened , sending loud vibrations through my ears and came out my little brother , Sasuke .

'' Itachi Nii-san ! '' He shouted as he ran across the large room and hugged me from behind.

'' Is it true ? Is it true ? '' He squealed like a five year old girl even though he's 17.

I sighed again and turned to my brother.

'' What do you mean Otóto ? '' I asked.

'' The Nara Continent , The Hyuga Continent , The Uzumaki Continent and The Inuzuka Continent Kings are all coming over here to stay for a few months !!! Well well is it true ?'' He said.

I stared at him for a moment , my hair blowing annoyingly across my face from the open balcony.

'' Who told you that ? '' I asked.

'' Father and Mother . Don't tell me you don't know about it ? '' He mocked.

'' Hn '' I walked by him to go downstairs to talk about this, since i never heard about it.

'' Oi Nii-san where you going ! Hello ? Nii-san ''

I ignored my brother and carried on with my walk to my parents room.

Guards were guarding nearly every corner of the palace , which i found quite annoying , they don't give you space or privacy.

And the five great continents ( The size of Canada and U.S.A put together is just one continent ) are all separated by large amount of sea.

I stopped at a large door and the guard opened the door for me , allowing me to go inside.

Nearly straight away , my parents turned their heads to face me .

I clicked my fingers and the guard closed the door.

'' Itachi , it's nice to see you after a few days '' My father said standing up from the table where him and mother were sitting having a cup of tea and watching TV.

( This story is mixed with medieval and 21st century stuff )

'' Father , what is this story with the other Kings ?'' I asked , moving more into the room.

'' Ah , we were just talking about that '' He said.

'' Itachi dear , sit down here '' Mother pointed to the third chair at the tea set.

I walked over and sat down as did Father.

'' This is the plan '' She said , fixing her long black hair that was tied up in a bun .

'' The other five Kings are coming over here tomorrow-''

'' Tomorrow ? '' I repeated .

'' Yes, that's way the maids kept on coming and going , to get the rooms ready for them , they are staying for a few months , a year at the top '' She sad.

'' What are they here for ? '' I asked now biting a chocolate cookie

'' For you guys to get friendly and know each other and maybe even fall in love ''

I nearly spit out the cookie when she said love.

'' W..what do you mean lo-''

'' Sasuke , he told us you were gay , but we're fine with it , since we know Sasuke isn't and he could still carry out the Uchiha family ''

I know she didn't mean it , but it sounded kind of harsh.

'' What about the paper work ? '' I asked , pretending to forget what she just said.

'' We'll take care of it , so for a few months or so , you're like on holidays '' She smiled .

I sighed and flipped my pony tail from my shoulders to my back .

'' So tomorrow '' I whispered.

I stood up and started to walk away .

'' Pardon me '' I said and i exited the door.


If you still don't get it , the size of one continent is the size of U.S.A and Canada .

That's one out of five. 

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