Chapter 2 : Today is the day

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Chapter 2 ; O : Today is the day


 My POV ;


The sun was up and loud shouting was the first thing King Itachi heard.

Itachi moaned in annoyment as he sat up , throwing the covers off his body , showing a very muscular chest .

Well itachi doesn't wear shirts to bed , only long Pj trousers.

( Fangirls , start your fanning )

A knock vibrated through the door and Itachi slowly moved his head towards the sound .

'' May I come in King !? '' Someone shouted through the door , sounding like a woman.

Itachi sighed at the loudness of the voice but knew that the other Kings were coming so everyone was panicking .

'' Come In '' Itachi said as he got out of bed and put on a long black robe, also tying up his long raven hair that girls in the Kingdom would die to touch.

(* Touch *)

A girl with long brown hair and green eyes came in , wearing a black and white maid dress , looking around 17-19. 

She bowed and walked up to me .

I stared at her curiously, because most- very girl blushes when they see me.

'' The time now is 9.02am King, they other Kings will arrive at 10.30am-

' Ah ' Itachi thought ' This is why they're panicking , the time is short '

'' Please be ready by that time , and when you are done , please come to the dinning area where the Kings will be ready '' She finished.

Itachi nodded , taking in the information as she bowed and walked out.

Itachi sliced his hand through his hair.

' I guess i have to get ready ' He thought.


The enterance of the Palace/Castle


Everybody bowed down in two lines , leaving a huge space with a red carpet where the Kings will walk down. 

People blew horns ( Lol Horns get it ~? Hornyyy(~u~) as the Kings each stepped out of the Royal cart.

The Nara King wore a Yellow Cape that's frame is gold and it hit the floor.

The Hyuga King wore a Purple Cape that's frame is gold and it also hit the floor.

And The Inuzuka King wore a Red Cape that's frame is also gold and it also hit the floor.

The only thing or rather human that was missing was the Uzumaki King.

Without noticing that , the Kings gave each other Looks for their first meeting.

A loud bell rang , signaling them to get going into the castle.

With strong , dominant glazes ,they started their short walk to the castle.


Meanwhile , Itachi was fixing his cape that was Black , had an gold frame around it and hit the hit.

The capes hid their clothes so no one knows what they wear underneath.

There was a knock on the door again and without Itachi saying come in , it opened anyway.

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