Chapter 10 ; Cool

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Chapter 10 : Cool


My Pov 


The next day finally, Naruto, out hunger and just that ,came downstairs to breakfast.

But he was still pissed about Sasuke, the stupid duck headed pervert.

Naruto just took the last step to the dining room when Kiba put his arm around Naruto's neck.

'' Where have you been buddy !!? '' Kiba asked ruffling Naruto's hair.

Naruto tried to get out of Kiba's grib but no such luck.

'' B-Bedroom '' Naruto finally got his head through a gap and escaped.

Naruto felt Itachi's eyes on him and huffed and looked away.

He sat down and a plate full of delicious food was sitting there, such as bacon, eggs , toast etc. (Iam Irish so i am just putting down a irish breakfast :P)

Naruto quickly forgetting about his peers and enemies(Itachi) started to eat like he haven't ate in days(Which he sort of haven't ).

'' N-Naruto slow down '' Kiba commented looking at Naruto as he devoured his food like a hungry lion.

( Lol; slow down, grab the wall, wiggle like your'e trying to make your ass fall off )

Naruto looked down to see that he already finished the food.

He blushed.

Looking up at the only maid in the room he asked;

'' Can i have seconds ? '' Naruto smiled at her.

She smiled back and took his plate to bring back a new one of food.

Neji coughed for the third time (The first time & second time being noticed the 4 kings ) finally getting their attention .

'' My 2 cousins are coming over here to stay for a few weeks, me and Itachi here have already talked about this and we just wanted to let you know that they're coming tomorrow '' He said.

This is the first time Neji said anything that long.

The maid came with the second fillings and walked back.

'' Oh... cool '' Naruto said not interested with Neji's cousins.

Neji stared at Naruto harder before looking away.


Okok you guys are gonna throw hate at me now for making the chapters so short, it's literay 12;00am now and i have school tomorrow and i wake up at 7;00. So don't be mad, i'll make the next one longer, well if i can :P

And no this is not a harem lol, if you want that go watch 'Nisekoi'


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