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 Chapter 9

 Jackson’s Pov :

 I felt asif all the breath had been knocked out of me and the world had somehow shifted on it’s axis, and now the beautiful Tiger cross the room from me was the centre of my gravitational pull. I wanted to freeze this moment in time.

 I stood watching her, torn between the urge to push all the drunken masses on the dance floor out of my way and claim her, feel her soft skin and the weight of her body in my arms, but I was also entranced.

It felt like a dream after so long of waiting to find her , desperately trying to search my memory for an outline in the shadows or a clue to her identity. Distantly I could hear Henry chatting away beside me, saying me name, but he was like a fly buzzing around a deaf man. He might have well have not existed.

Damn, no one in the bar existed but her.

And she had been under my nose all this time.

She was beautiful. No, she was luminous.

I watched as she laughed as a female wolf dancing next to her leant in and whispered in her ear. Her whole face lit up with her smile, her bright blue eyes seemed so clear, even in the dingy lighting of RED’s.

I blinked, drinking in my mate.

Her rich caramel coloured hair glinted in the flickering over head strobe lights, longer than it had been in the photo and waving down the back of her leather jacket to rest just below her shoulder blades. Her high cheekbones were accentuated in the dim lighting and her full, pink lips that I had seen grinning in the photo were now singing along to the fast words of the country song. As she danced I drank up the swaying lines of her body as she moved to the music, the soft, full curve of her breasts under a slinky purple top, the rounded feminine wave of her hips as she moved like she was built for sin, her long, sexy toned legs that seemed to go on and on and on right down to her black boots.  In person she was a million times more stunning. The photo hadn't even captured a grain of my mate's beauty.


I couldn't believe my eyes.How could I have been so stupid? How could I have not realised?

 I felt myself wince as it all started to add up… Anna, small, young, innocent Anna of three years ago. Standing in my room in that long grey coat swamping her figure, her shoulder length toffee coloured hair was framed by those big glasses she wore. With sudden clarity I could see her again. Her Vulnerable, hopeful face looking up at me with a hesitant smile as I asked her …..

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