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Chapter 6

I was lying on my back, on my bed fully dressed. I had on my favourite black lace up leather boots, with my black ripped skinny jeans that made my legs look longer and slimmer than usual. I even had on my favourite deep purple silk camisole top and dark green hoodie under my leather jacket, not to mention my hair was actually behaving for once.

I should be running out the door with a kick ass outfit like that on.

But despite my coordinated wardrobe, I couldn’t make myself leave my bed.

It was like I had lead in my shoes as I lay staring at the morning light across the white ceiling of my bedroom.

“ Ok, this is a pathetic sight if I ever saw one.”

I tilted my head so I could see Eden leaning against my doorframe, her arms crossed and her eyes narrowed in the way they do when she’s determined to bug the hell out of me. She had on an all black ensemble of ripped tights, black doc martens and a fitted black jersey dress.

“ You promised you’d go and were already late. You know I hate being late.” Eden told me stubbornly.

I grunted like a true fourteen year old as the image of Alexis flashed in my mind and the way that Jackson started down at me intensely the night before last made my stomach knot with a fatal combination of excitement and hurt. 

“ I’m sick.” I murmured.

“ No your not. You’ve just momentarily lost your ass kicking skills because you’ve gone all goo goo over your mate. Come on.” Eden spoke to me like I was an unruly child and she was my mother, her eyebrow raised for extra authorities effect.

Damn her eyebrows.

“ Its one of those 24 hour bugs. It means I can’t get out of bed and my limbs feel all heavy… I also have a headache and I could projectile vomit. All over the other people in the crowd… yeah I would be like the girl in the exorcist and do the hole spinning head thing where”- my rambling excuse was cut off by Eden marching over to my bed and heaving me up by my arms.

She gripped my arms and shook me slightly, a warm but worryingly enthusiastic smile spread across her face.

“ He’s not going to be at a stupid kids summer camp cheerleading rally. Were going to support Mays first time choreographing a cheer team – so suck it up.”

I nodded “ Yeah, your right. I am being stuuupppiiiiddd. Ok. Ok. I know, it’s just what if “- I started but Eden cut be off as she dragged me down the stairs, pushing me in front of her as she shepherded me down the wide hallway and through the front door, slamming it behind her triumphantly.

“ You don’t really have a choice because I know you don’t have your house keys. We are going to the game, were going to eat bad hotdogs, pretend to be interested in cheerleading and clap for May.” Eden told me as she walked over to my car and opened the shot gun side, pushing me in lightly.

I sat down with a sigh, “ Ok. I can’t wait. Two hours of cheerleading.” I said sarcastically , although I am actually really proud of May for becoming the coach of the junior cheerleading squad in the local summer camp , it’s been her dream to coach her since we were kids. She’s also pretty amazing at it.

Eden grimaced as she slid into the drivers seat ands turned on the car, driving smoothly out of our drive and towards the small wood surrounded road that lead to the main road into town.

“ I hate Hotdogs and you know I hate cheerleading even more. This isn’t my idea of a fun afternoon off from work either.” Eden said with a wry grin as we turned onto the main road and headed down towards town, our car whizzing by tall pine trees.

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