Our Invisible Love part3

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Copyright – All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 3.

The early evening light spilled through my large bay window that faces out onto the large back garden of my house. I was laying on my double bed’s clean white duvet on my stomach in jeans and a grey t-shirt. I was only half watching the muted TV at the side of my room, which had the weather report playing.

The silence in the house was almost screaming at me.

So was the pale purple, large rectangular box with a white ribbon as it lay on my rug in front of the silent TV.

I had pretended I was unwell over the phone to Mrs Holden to avoid turning up to the ‘welcome home’ party and she had pretended to buy my crappy lie.

She’d rung me up and I’d feebly attempted the fake cough and bad stomach excuse, which she’d countered with the half offer, half demand that I stay at the pack house until I’m better.

She loves looking after people, and when I am ill I sometimes do just crash in my old room. It still has most of my stuff in it that I haven’t bothered to move with me, some of the pictures I painted when I was a little depressed, some of my clothes and my old single bed that always feels like home when I’m in it.

I’d said I was better staying here with flu , instead of infecting the pack- rubbish excuse, I know.

But then she pulled out the big guns; she’d sent over the box on the floor in front of me.

We both knew that she knew I was lying, we both knew she wouldn’t call me on it and I wouldn’t admit why.

She also knew I would want to see Tyler after all this time because he was like a brother to me and she’d decided that whatever was in that pretty box would be an extra incentive.

Mrs Holden is probably the one person; apart from Eden, who can tell right through my lies. I’m almost sure that she knew I was lying about my cover story of rejection by my supposed ‘rouge’ mate, though she never pressed it. Or asked who he really is. She just let me deal with my issues, which was one thing I really respected about her.

My gaze drifted from the TV to the box and back up to the time on my clock screen, 7:20pm.

Just as I was about to get up and open the box my phone buzzed beside me on the bed.

From Eden :

Hey, S are u ok?

Want me 2 come home?

Or u coming to the party?

U can avoid him and we get drunk xx E

I smiled at the screen, Eden was always looking out for me.

My parents died when I was young and Eden’s parent’s wouldn’t have exactly won a best parenting awards, between that and our shared feelings of slight separation from the pack – we’d learnt to have each others backs.

She’d actually covered my back in quite a few bar brawls as well.

I still felt slightly sick at the thought of seeing him again, not wanting to face him but at the same time I was desperate to know how he’d been… did he wear his hair long now? Was he in a relationship? Was he happy?

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