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Chapter 7

Some of the people in the row in front were turning to look now.

“ Back off Jen. He hasn’t been back in town for very long.” Eden growled and I could see her Panther in her eyes.

“ Oh so you know who he is?” she looked at Eden who looked away, not wanting to hurt Jen. “So you told her who he is and not us?!” Jen asked angrily, her jaw clenching and her eyes accusing at me.

“ Look, it doesn’t matter who he is. And I told Eden because she saw me straight afterwards.” I said feeling my voice shake slightly, crap… I could feel my inner tiger clawing to come out. I felt like I was trapped in a corner without defence.

“ And why couldn’t you tell us? If he’s back in town than he must be affiliated with the pack – your mate is in the pack and you didn’t think to tell us?!” she whisper -shouted at me.

I sighed and closed my eyes, hoping that if I did I would be somewhere else , not facing this. I would be on soft grass with the same sun beating down on my as my bones relaxed … and beside me Jackson would be lying there, smiling at me with his full lips, his straight teeth and his deep green eyes would be full of love…

But when I opened my eyes I was faced with Jen, who was still looking at me with a horrible mixture of hurt and betrayal written al over her face. And I still felt like a crap friend.

“ Look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I may not have told you who my mate was and that he is pack, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t rejected by my mate any less. At the time it was shitty and soul destroying. It still is, ok? ” I told Jen through gritted teeth, silently fighting to keep the tears from my eyes.

Immediately I saw Jen’s face soften with sympathy and coated with that sort of pitying look that you would give an injured animal.

That was part of why I didn’t tell them. I didn’t want that look from the whole of the pack.

Eden never gave me that look, where I was the defenceless, wimpy leftover who you looked at with pity and secret relief that it wasn’t you instead, that their mate actually saw them. Claimed them.

Eden may look concerned, upset, worried, and downright angry about what had happened to me but she never looked at me with pity. Never.

Maybe it’s because unlike Werewolves, in the were tiger and were panther community there is less of a stigma if you are unmated when you are older.

For werewolves it’s considered one of the most humiliating and degrading situations for a wolf.

And of course, my parent’s death meant wolves raised me, causing me to feel the same acute sense of humiliation and shame that I wouldn’t have felt if I was raised outside the pack by one of my own kind.

I hadn’t wanted anyone to know. At all.

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