Our Invisble Love part8

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 Chapter 8

Jackson’s p.o.v

I looked at my phone; it was lying on the floor of the gym next to me.

It had been buzzing like crazy for the last ten minutes and I kept ignoring it.

I could see ‘Alexis’ on the screen and I knew she was just going to grill me about the other night. I think she was supposed to be going to May’s cheerleading thing and hanging out with her friends. Maybe she said something about a group rehearsal?

I’d been sparring with the guys in the morning and hadn’t listened to her explanation of her day. To be honest, I had always hated rallies like that; you know the whole big musical thing they do. I liked the actual cheerleaders, hell I’d gone out with my fair share in high school, but the actual sports was more interesting most of the time.

I was still feeling mildly hangover, even though on average, supernatural were shifters tend to need a lot more alcohol to get drunk and take less time to recover than humans do.

I took a deep breath and punched the boxing bag in front of me; the force of my punch threw it backwards on the rolling attachments that hooked it to the ceiling, flying across the gym and smacking against the wall with a thud.The high ceiling and open plan layout of the pack house gym meant the sound echoed around the grey painted room, almost drowning out the buzzing of my mobile.

Shit. Well, at least I didn’t break it this time.

My eyes rested on the other punching bag I had taken out my frustrations on this morning. Maybe it couldn’t be classed as a punching bag, the red leather outside had a long rip down the seam and the sand inside had spilled out, making it look like a droopy, hanging tomato.

I only let out this kind of steam when I was alone.

Volatile were-tigers weren’t good sparring partners.

Then again, I usually only let myself think about her when I was alone.

I scowled as I remembered the mystery girl from the patio, the seductive honey quality to her chuckle, and the sweet alluring tone of her voice, the flash of her pale silk dress and the flash of caramel hair that had replayed in my mind since I had woken up.  I could have sworn it was her….

My inner tiger couldn’t help thinking ‘If only Alexis could be right’,

What if the mysterious, magnetic woman in the darkness of the patio that had claimed to be old acquaintance of mine was lying about being mated?

… if only someone had thought to install some fucking lights!

I growled to myself. I had the worst f#cking luck in the world.

I always seemed to be in the dark when it came to finding my mate.

Could I have been speaking to my mate and not realised?

But why would she lie about being mated?

Alexis’s theory made no sense.  Urghh.

Then there was the memory of three years ago that had burnt itself in my mind… the same mesmerising tension, that stunning scent.

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