Our Invisible Love part4

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Chapter 4.

I stayed silent, letting his question hang in the air unanswered.

I focused on the dim light that spread across part of the patio floor that the door windows where above, not letting my eyes slide from the line where the dim light faded into the darkness where we stood.

Maybe I seemed mysterious or cold to him, but in reality I was just didn’t trust my self enough to speak when I was around him.

His voice was just as enticing as it had been three years ago, maybe more so if that was possible.

A beat of silence passed between us and I was grateful that he was standing farther down the wall from me, any closer and he might begin to realise who we were to each other. In close proximity, our mating senses would kick in – probably stronger than ever after all this time spent apart - and I’d be screwed.

Literally and figuratively.

I tried to calm my breathing, leaning against the wall like it was a life raft.

 Like clockwork, when he spoke again I felt my heart speed up like it always did when I was around him.

Traitorous I know, I just couldn’t control it.

“Yeah, well I don’t really enjoy these pack parties, never have. Probably never will.” he said and I could almost see the guilty smile he would be wearing on his face in my mind, “ There’s a little too much expectation in that room for my liking.”

I felt myself smile, that is exactly how I feel when I’m in the pack parties.

The mated weres watching you; the unmated guys scanning you like meat and the elders of the pack assessing you. I always feel like I’m being judged, partly because I’m an unmated were tiger, but also just as if there’s this pressure to contribute to the pack and live up to my parent’s legacy.

But that’s a story for another time…

I heard him sigh, and I turned my head in his direction in the darkness to see his dark figure also leaning against the wall further down the patio from me. He had the same startling height I remembered, and I could sense the masculine power rippling off him from his broad frame, which I didn’t doubt, held an incredibly muscled body… Even his shadow was attractive to me.

I shook my head, trying to shake the thoughts off me.

No. No. No. Do not think like that about him Savannah….

I noticed that he was smoking as I saw the orange glowing ember in the darkness as he raised it, must be to his lips.

Could he see me? I was sure he probably could only see a faint outline of my body from the hazy light from the window beside me, but I don’t think he could see any definition: just like me.

“ But I guess that’s pack life; love it or hate it, though right?” He seemed to be musing to himself; I stayed silent as he continued.

“ I don’t know how Tyler does it. This life is beautiful, but there’s so much pressure, too much judgement. It’s like being trapped in a glass jar with everyone watching, but I guess there used to it; May and him. That and they don’t find it so oppressive to be that close to the pack. I don’t think I could live that kind of life, it’s too much.”

I nodded silently in the darkness. Tyler and May had a huge responsibility as next in line to the Pack, that kind of duty seemed crippling and it took away your options in life.

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