Our Invisible Love is all I see chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Jacksons POV

Five minutes.

I had been sitting in Annas car, parked in the Pack house garage watching Anna sleep.

Everything about her was lovely. Her cheeks were flushed slightly from being tipsy, drawing my eyes to her smooth skin and the way the black lines of her eyelashes fanned out forever. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t recognised her as my mate. How I had ever been so careless as to leave her standing in my closet three years ago?

I curled my hands into tight fists around the steering wheel before I sighed, released them and slumped back into the driving seat to run my gaze over her. I had finally found her. I had to fight the urge to pinch myself, besides if she was a dream I never wanted to wake up. But eventually Anna would, and I didn’t want her to catch me watching her like a fat person watches a happy meal.

I could either wake her up or carried her into the pack house. The house had been in darkness as I drove up but I knew that if the Holden’s caught me carrying Anna to her room with even the scent of alcohol there would be disapproving looks and endless questions. I opened my car door quietly, already knowing which one I would choose. There was no way I would pass up an excuse to hold her, even if it meant I had to execute a stealthy late night entrance to the house.

After I collected our soaked leather jackets from the back seat and walked to the passenger side, I quietly opened her car door. I slowly lifted Anna from her seat, noting how little she weighed in my arms but how right she felt against me. Her warmth and her scent wrapped around me. I had to strangle a triumphant growl when Anna turned her face into my neck and snuggled into me.

I gently clicked the door shut and walked through the dark garage to the doors that lead directly to the front foyer area. There was no noise from the kitchen or the dining room, only dark  entryways. The only light in the foyer was a small lamp on the small entrance table by the mouth of the spiral staircase, casting warm light across the floor. As I walked slowly across the entrance to the foyer I felt a prickle of awareness on my neck and froze mid step. My body automatically went into fight mode, running  the best ways to protect Anna in my mind. Then the scent hit me and my muscles automatically loosen as I turned to face the darkness to see a familiar silhouette.

I lowered my voice to a whisper, “ I was at Reds and saw Anna was drinking alot, looked past the limit and I insisted I drive her home. No big deal.” Well, it was a diluted version of the truth.

The hushed voice carried across the silence “ nice try, but that defensive stance you took before you sensed it was me behind you says otherwise, kid”

I resisted the urge to wince as Mr Holden stepped out of the doorway and into the dim light of the foyer. I looked straight into the analysing stare of the man who had practically raised me during my teens and was the closest thing to a father I had ever had growing up. He’d taught me how to play the guitar when I was little, spent countless hours with Ty and I teaching us controlled combat and had eventually supported me as I slowly grew into my shifter abilities, with the tough love I needed. Now, the man I both loved and respected was leaning against the doorway with his arms folded, watching me like a hawk.

His face was unreadable in only the way an alpha can be. Wiped clean of emotion and I hoped, judgement.  “You are also a terrible liar, Jackson. Have been ever since you were little.”

I almost wanted to laugh. Instead I rolled my eyes, “I wasn’t actually lying”

The alpha’s eyebrows raised, “Yeah, sure.”  His mouth curled upwards an inch, “Just omitting the truth, right? ”

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