Name Changes!!!

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Okay, so I finally decided to change the names to make it slightly more different from the actual visual novel and since I thought it would make it seem more realistic. A⃠l⃠s⃠o⃠ b⃠e⃠c⃠a⃠u⃠s⃠e⃠ y⃠o⃠u⃠ c⃠a⃠n⃠'t⃠ r⃠e⃠a⃠l⃠l⃠y⃠ n⃠a⃠m⃠e⃠ a⃠ b⃠o⃠y⃠ M⃠o⃠n⃠i⃠k⃠a⃠.

So, the names are being changed to*drumroll*

Sayori ➡️ Satori
Monika ➡️ Mikah
Yuri ➡️ Y⃠a⃠o⃠i⃠Yuri (To me it's a gender neutral name)
Natsuki ➡️ Naruki

I would also like to thank you all for your support and 5,000 reads-like what?!?

Until next time,


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