Chapter 3 : Yuri's Outcome

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But Anyways,

Since these chapters are about 1 1/2 hours of gameplay, it usually takes me a while to find time to settle down and get through it. But anyways, here you go!


'I'm really curious to talk to Yuri a bit more. But at the same time I would feel bad for distracting him.' I think before I catch a glimpse of the cover of his book.

It looks like the same book he lent to me. More than that, he seems to be on the first few pages. He notices me looking at him and looks away, his cheeks tinted pink.

"Ah..." He lets out shyly.'Crap- He noticed me looking at him.' He sneaks another glance at me, our eyes meet for a split second.

There's silence for a moment, but that only makes him hide his face deeper into his book."S-sorry." I stutter out, sensing his discomfort."Oh...It's fine..." He trails off, sitting up a bit as the blush on his cheeks fade a bit.

He looks up at me."If I was focused, then I probably wouldn't have noticed in the first place. But I'm just rereading a bit of this, so..." He smiles calmly at me.

"That's the same book you gave me, right?" I ask and he nods."Mhm. I wanted to reread some of it, not for any particular reason..." He says, averting his gaze from mine.

"Not to be nosy but, how come you have two copies of the same book?" I ask him and his face tints pink.

"Ah...Well, when I stopped at the bookstore yesterday- Thats not what I meant." He looks a bit panicked."I mean- I just happened to buy to of them." He sighs.

"I see." I say. There's something fairly obvious here that Yuri isn't telling me, but I decided to let it go."Ill definitely start reading it soon!" I say happily as he smiles softly."Im glad to hear. Once it starts picking up, you night have a hard time putting it down. It's a very engaging and relatable story." I look at him."Is that so? What's it about?" I ask

"Well..." He trails off."Mmmm." He closes the book and scans his eyes over the back. The book is titled."Portrait of Markov". There's an ominous looking eye symbol of the from cover.

"Alright. I just wanted to make sure I don't give any spoilers. Basically, it's about this guy in high school who moved in with his long lost younger sister... But as soon as he, does his life gets really strange." He closes his eyes, in deep thought.

"He gets targeted by these people who escaped from a human experiment prison...And while his life is in danger, he needs to desperately choose who to trust."His eyes narrow and he looks away."No matter what he does, he ends up destroying most of his relationships and his life starts to fall apart..." I tense up a bit."Thats kind of-!" I start.Thats kind of dark, isn't it? Yuri mad with sound like such a nice story, so the dark turn came from nowhere. "Ahaha." Yuri laughs all of a sudden.

"Are you not a fan of that sort of thing, Y/N?" He asks."No... It's not that..." I trail off."I mean, I can definitely enjoy those types of stories, so don't worry." I smiles nervously."I hope so..."

I totally forgot he is into those things. He's so shy and reclusive on the outside, but his mind seems to be completely different."Its just that those types of stories... They challenge you to look at life from a strange new perspective." He explains." When horrible things happen not just because someone wants to be evil, but because they have their own goals or their own philosophy that they believe in." He gives a close eyed smile.

"Then suddenly, when you thought you related to the protagonist, they're made out to be the above one for letting their one sided morals interfere with the villain's plans. I'm...I'm rambling, aren't I...?" He says, looking away nervously."Not again." He says quietly."Im sorry..." He says looking away and fiddling with his uniform.

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