Chapter 3: Natsuki's Outcome

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Okay so after this part, I'm going to change their names to actual male names so comment some suggestions!
I look over at Natsuki, who is rummaging in the closet."Ugh...!" He utters an exasperated sigh from within the closet.

He seems to be annoyed by something. I approach him, in case he needs a hand."You looking for something in there?" I ask.

"Freaking Monika. He never puts my stuff back in the right spot. What's the point of keeping your collection organized if someone else is just going to mess it up?" He slides a bunch of stacked books and boxes across the shelf.

"Manga..." I trail off, he looks at me."You read manga, right?" I think for a moment."Ah- Sometimes." I muster out. Manga is one of those things where you can't admit your really into it until you figure out where the other person stands.

"How did you know, anyway?" I ask."I heard you bring it up at some point. " He says."Besides, it's kinda written on your face."

'Whats that supposed to mean...?'

"I-I see..." I stutter. There's a lone volume of manga amidst a stack of various books on the side of one of the shelves. Curious, I pull it out of the stack."There it is!" Natsuki outbursts, snatching it out of my hand.

He then turns to a box of manga and slips the volume right into the middle of the rest."Aah, much better! Seeing a box set with one book missing is probably the most irritating sight in the world." He says, satisfied.

"I know that feel..." I say as I get a closer looks at the box set she is admiring."Parfait Girls...?" I think out loud. It's a series I've never heard of in my life. That means it's either way out of my demographics or simply terrible.

"If your gonna judge, you can do it through the glass on that door." Natsuki says, crossing his arms over his chest and pointing to the classroom door.

"H-Hey, I wasn't judging anything...! I didn't even say anything." I say."It was the tone of your voice. But I'll tell you one thing Y/N." He smiles.

"Consider this a lesson straight from the Literature Club: Don't judge a book by its cover! In fact-" He pulls out the first volume of Parfait girls from the box.

"I'm going to show you exactly why!" He shoves the book right into my hands."Ah..." I stare at the cover. It features four girls in colorful attire striking animated feminine poses. It's exceedingly "moe".

"Don't just stand there!" He says."Uwa-" Natsuki grabs my arm and pulls me out of the closet. He then takes a seat beneath the windowsills. He pats the ground next to him, signaling me to sit there.

"Would chairs be more comfortable...?" I ask as I sit next to him."Chairs wouldn't work. We can't read at the same time like that." He says.

"Eh? Why's that? Ah...I guess it's easier to be close together like this." He blushes."D-don't just say that! You'll make me feel weird about it!" He crosses his arms and scootches an inch away from me.

"Sorry..." I apologize. I didn't exactly expect to be sitting this close to him, either...Not that I can say it's a particularly bad thing.

I open the book. It's only a few seconds before Natsuki once again inches closer, reclaiming the additional space while he hopes I won't notice.

I can feel him peering over my shoulder, much more eager to begin reading than I am."Wow, how long has it been since I read the beginning...?" He mumbles."Hm?" I ask."You don't go back and flip through the older volumes every now and then?" I ask him and he shrugs.

"Not really. Maybe sometimes after I've finished the series. Hey, are you paying attention?" He asks."Uh..." I am, but nothing's really happened yet, so I can talk at the same time. It looks like it's about a bunch of friends in high school.

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