¢нαρтєя 3: Sayori's Outcome.

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I could probably fall asleep right now. I close my eyes and begin to listen in on Sayori and Monika's  conversation.

"Were probably gonna seem really lame compared to all the other clubs though..." Sayori says, trailing off. His smile falters.

"Hmmm." Monika thinks."Well we can't give up!" He says happily. "The festival is our chance to show everyone what literature is all about! The problem is that the idea of a literature club sounds dense and intellectual... But it's not like that all, you know?" He says and Sayori looks up at him.

"We just need a way of showing that to everyone... Something that speaks to thier creative minds." Sayori furrows his brows."Mmmmmmmmmmmm... That doesn't solve the problem though!"

Monika's smile falters. "Eh? What do you mean?" Sayori's expression turns to neutral."Even if we come up with the most fun thing ever... Nobody will come in the first place, if it's a literature event. So, it's more important to figure out how to get people to show up." Monika thinks.

"And after they come, we can speak to thier creative minds." He finished explaining.

...What's this? Sayori is taking this really seriously. It's rare to her her deliberating like this.

"Huh. That's a good point." Monika smiles."In that case, do you think food will do the trick?" Sayori thinks."What kind?!" He asks happily.

"Ah...Well, I guess we could-" Monika starts."Cupcakes!" Sayori blurts out."Ahaha. Good thinking." Monika says smiling.

"Natsuki would love that!" Sayori smiles."Your right! She makes the best cupcakes! That's works out perfectly~."

"That wasn't why you suggested it?" Monika raises an eyebrow."Cupcakes speak to my creative appetite." He says. Monika goes quiet, smiling.

"Cupcakes it is then!" He decides. "I'm hungry..." Sayori says."Anyways, we still need to work out the details of the event itself..."

I find myself smiling. In the end, Sayori is still his usual self. But therein lies the unexpected reason I admire him. Unlike me who has trouble finding motivation at all...

Sayori can put his kind to things and make them come alive. I guess that's why I end up getting him get on my case about things. I can't imagine what it would be like to see the world through his eyes...

I open my eyes to see Sayori, inches away from my face."Uwaa-!" I yell in surprise. I almost fall out of my chair. He backs away."Ehehe, Sorry~" He says, smiling nervously.

"Wait! Actually Im not sorry at all." He says."Its your fault for sleeping like that! This isn't napping club!" He says, a little ticked off.

"Does our school have a napping club...?" I ask."Youe staying up late again, aren't you?" Sayori asks.

"Now that your in a club, you're gonna have less time for anime, you know!" He outbursts."You'll need to get used to it!" He says. I shift a little." Don't say that so loud...!" I say, trying to calm him down

I glance over my shoulder to see if Monika overheard."Its true, though..." Sayori trails off. "Yeah..." I say, agreeing with him."I know, I know. You're always looking out for me, Sayori." He smiles.

"Its what I do best!" He exclaims."That's a problem! What about you?" I ask "You look out for me better than you look out for yourself. You're still oversleeping everyday, aren't you?" I ask.

He looks away from me, smiling,"What? N-Not every day!" He stutters."That's not very convincing... How many days this week have you gotten up on time?" His eyes widen.

"That's...It's a secret." He furrows his brows. I sigh."I knew it..." Sayori smiles nervously and pokes his two pointer fingers together."C'monnnn! At least give me the benefit if the doubt." He tries to reason.

"I can't even do that. Look Sayori, it's written all over you." He looks up at me."Eh?" Sayori glances around himself."How is it written all over me?" I think to myself.

"You were clearly in a rush this morning, your hair is sticking out,..." His face reddens in embarrassment. "Ah-" I run my finger tips down the side of his hair, trying to straighten it out."You really need a brush for this." I say.

He looks away from me."My hair is just really hard to get right..." I look at him."I won't fall for that. There's more than just your hair. Your bow isn't straight either and theres a toothpaste stain on your collar right here. " I attempt to wipe it off with my finger.

"N-No one is gonna notice that..." I sigh."Of course they would. No ones gonna tell you because they don't want to embarrass you. Fortunately, I don't care about that." Sayori pouts."Hey, you meanie." He says, his bottom lip poked out.

" And you don't even keep your blazer buttoned up. Seriously, Sayori, why do you think you don't have a girlfriend yet?" I ask. He gives me a shocked expression.

"EH?? That's super mean!" He looks at me, hurt."Sorry, but you'll thank me later." I start to button his blazer, starting at the Bottom.

"Once you see how much better it looks, you'll change your mind." He laughs."This is so funny." He looks away nervously."What is?" I ask.

"Well... I was just thinking how weird it is to have a friend who does these kinds of things." "Eh? D-don't say that!" I stutter."You'll make me feel wierd about it, stupid..."

He smiles."It's okay, though. I'm happy we're like this. Aren't you?"I think."Ah- I guess." he looks down."Be careful. The button might come off!" I struggle then finally button it.

"You look much better now so... Ah..." Why doesn't feel wierd to see his blazer buttoned up like that? "I-it feels uncomfortable." he unbuttons it again. I sigh."Phew. That's so much better." He puts his arms out and twirls around.

"If I keep it unbuttoned I won't get a girlfriend, right?" he asks."What kind of logic is that?" I ask."And why are you saying that like it's a good thing?"

"Because, If I had a girlfriend she wouldn't let you do things like this. And you take care of me better that anyone else would anyway. So that's why I'm keeping it unbuttoned."

I blush."Stop saying all these embarrassing things!" he looks at me curiously."Eh. I didn't say anything embarrassing..." I look away.

"Jeez...Well, just try to wake up earlier." He sighs."Only if you focus to go to bed earlier." I smile."Fine, Fine. It's a deal." He gives me a closed eyed smile.

"Ehehehe I guess we tale care of eachother better than we tale care of ourselves." I smile softly.

"Yeah, I guess so huh..." I can see a lightbulb flicker on in Sayori's head."So maybe you should come wake me up in the morning!"

"Sayori, you're doing it again." He pouts slightly."I was just kidding that time!" I look at him.

"Man, it's impossible to tell with you sometimes." Monika walks over to the middle of the classroom. "Okay, everyone! Why don't we share our poems?"

"Yay! I can't wait to read yours y/N!" I tense up a bit."Yeah...same..." I fail to sound enthusiastic, but Sayori still goes to get his poem.

"Did you write one last night?" Monika asks smiling. I nod."Why don't you find someone to share with?" He asks.

Sayori smiles."Yay!" His is on a crinkled sheet of loose leaf from a Spiral notebook. Monika's is in a composition notebook.

I can already see his pristine writing from where I sit. Natsuki and Yuri also both walk over, holding their poems. I pull mine out of my bag, hoping for the best.

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