Chapter 1

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Your P.O.V

I walked out of my house and down the side walk. I heard someone yell my name,sighed and looked back to see Sayori running up to me.

I stopped and waited for him as he eventually caught up."Y/N! You almost left me!" he cried out as I replied."I was about to leave you!" He smiled.

"I'm sorry I over slept again. " he said as He scratched the back of his Head as we began to walk side by side."So, are you going to join any clubs this year?" He asked. I shrugged  "I don't know, probably not." his smile faltered."You said you were going to join a club this year! I want you to be happy!" I sighed

'Of course I did. Probably when he was just rambling on.'

"Today I'm going to bring you to the Literature club with me so we can have fun!" I hesitated."But I don't know how to write poems of anything." I said as he put an arm around me." It's fine! Besides, Natsuki made cupcakes! "I looked over at him.

"I was gonna maybe join anime club." I said as he smiled wider."You can do that tomorrow! Today we're going to the Literature Club! You can meet everyone there!"

I shook my head and he laughed.He ruffled my H/C hair."I'll get you up out of your last class." I fixed my hair back and hut him playfully."Cmon my hair looked good! " He laughed and waved good bye, disappearing into the sea of people.


The bell rung and most of the students started clearing out. I stared In a random direction in deep thought.

'What have I gotten myself into? Going to a club surrounded by people I don't know who share I common interest that I don't even understand!?! Why did I let him talk me into this!'

I felt someone tapping my shoulder vigorously and looks back to see Sayori. "I've never seen you space out better then me!" he said as I smiled weakly."Ready?" I asked as he smiled."Right this way." he motioned me to follow him and a while later we made it to a classroom. We walked in to a room full of- GUYS?!?."Hey Monika!"

"Hey Sayo-." one with purple hair started as the rest of them looked at me. "Who is she?" The one with the pink hair asked as Sayori replied."This is Y/N. She's looking for a club to join." I waved as I sat at a desk near the front.

"Why'd you bring a girl?" The one with the pink hair asked and the one with the purple hair replied."What are you saying Natsuki ? Girls cant join the literature club?" He rolled his eyes. "No, just I didn't know he'd be bringing a girl, Yuri!" He crossed his arms.

"Anyway, This is Natsuki, always of energy. This is Yuri, the smartest in the club." Sayori said as I smiled and said "Hi."

"Don't you already know Monika?" Sayori asked and I nodded. He glanced my way."Great to see you again Y/N." He smiled sweetly at me."You too."

I sat down at the connected desks as Natsuki and Sayori argued over something, ending with Natsuki saying"Hey! I made them, I'll get them!" Sayori said something else apologetically."How about I make tea?" Yuri asked and they walked over to the corner closet.

After awhile, Natsuki comes back over, holding a covered tray."Ta-daa!" He lifted the off the tray to reveal a dozen white, fluffy cupcakes decorated to look like little cats."So cute!" I exclaimed as Monika broke the silence."I didn't know you were this good at baking!" Natsuki smiled. "Oh well, you know. Just take one." he places the tray on the desk. Sayori takes one, then Monika, and I also take one.

"It's delicious!" Sayori says with his mouthful. I hesitate to take an bite and I see Natsuki stealing glances at me. I finally take a bite, really enjoying it. "These are really good Natsuki!" I say as he blushes."I-its not like I made them for you or anything!" he put his arm by his side, refusing to look at me."Alright, Alright..." I raised my arms in defense and ate the rest of the cupcakes. Yuri comes over, holding a tray with a tea set. "It's cool how you guys keep a full tea set in the room." I said as Yuri smiled.

"Well, it's always good to enjoy tea with a good book?"  I thought "Well i-i..." "Ehehehe, don't be fazed, Yuri's just trying to impress you." Yuri face was shocked."Eh!?That's not..." He looks away."I know what you mean." I said as his eyes widened and he looked back at me.

"So, what brought you to the literature Club?" Monika asked as I froze. 'I wanted to avoid this question.'

"Sayori always looked like he was having fun and I'm still looking for clubs to join so-" Monika nodded.

"So what kind of books do you like to read?" Yuri asked."Manga." I mumbled. Natsuki looked like he was going to say something, but didn't."Not much of a reader I guess.." Yuri trails off. His smile falters"Well that can change." Monika stood up, getting the clubs attention."I have an idea! What about we do daily poems so we can improve? It would be beneficial for us to improve upon our writing?" Monika smiled and everyone nodded."Cool!" Sayori agreed.

"Plus now that we have Y/N we can strengthen our bonds with her." Monika said to me."I never said I would join this club." I blurted out as all four guys stared back at me with dejected eyes."I just thought-" Yuri started as I thought for a moment."I've decided, I'll join the Literature Club!" Their eyed lit up. "Yay!" Sayori yelled as he put his arms around me."You scared me for a moment there."  Yuri said and Monika smiled."Then it's official, Welcome to the Literature Club!" Monika smiles."Well, we can sure end this on a good note! Don't forget your assignments for tonight. I can't wait to see how you express yourselves." he glances over to me.

Natsuki and Yuri begin to clean up their food."Since your already here, want to walk home together?" he asked as I nodded. On the way home I thought about all of them.

Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and of course Monika. They all seem really sweet a̸n̸d̸ c̸u̸t̸e̸ and fun. I think this'll be a fun experience. Now, onto writing this poem

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