Chapter 6 | Life

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With a huge upcoming sports award event lingering right around the corner, Jonghyun was caught busy in the preparations for this event. As a very well known varsity player for a very well known school, Jonghyun had felt pressurized to not only present himself in the best form, but also present his school as a top honorable mention.

Amidst late night practices, motivational speeches from his coach, and internal desire to give his best, Jonghyun found himself slipping away from the thought of his nightmare, and more so, from Taemin. He had stopped paying attention to his surroundings when going to and fro from his classes to his locker. He had stopped letting this unknown doodle boy attack his mind and enrich his curiosity to know more about who the doodle boy is, and Taemin seemed to have the quite less clue of this absence of curiosity.

Taemin was still refraining from seeing Jonghyun or even coming anywhere near him. He stopped paying daily visits to the hallway where Jonghyun's locker resided, but he still stole secret glances during his lunch hour.

On one end of the spectrum where Jonghyun was forgetting about Taemin with the passing day, Taemin on the other hand seemed to have become more and more acknowledged of Jonghyun's presence.

Taemin currently sat with a piece of paper in his hand that had his whole mini speech written out which he had to deliver the night of the award event. He was chosen as the main host for the event and also as an assisting coordinator of this pitch perfect event, Taemin was pressurized with not only the idea of creating the perfect event, but he was also pressurized with the idea of coming face to face with the person he's been avoiding for days: Jonghyun.

Taemin read all of the players' names who were going to be presented with awards or those who were representatives of the team and the school. Every time Taemin's eyes would glance over Jonghyun's name he'd feel a shiver.

The event was tonight, and Taemin decided to call it quits on practice as he headed back home to get ready.

Moment by moment passed for the two boys as both of them had busied themselves for the night ahead. Taemin quickly showered and wore a black and white checkered shirt on a black pair of trousers with a black tie and a dark navy blue vest on top. He sprayed cologne and ruffled his wet hair and quickly dried them before he lightly brushed it and sprayed it so it would stay as he decided to let his hair down. He wore his shoes and rushed out of the house with kibum as he collected the rough draft of his speech on the way out so he could practice in the car. Jonghyun on the other hand wore a white, lightly tainted baby blue-ish shirt paired with black pants and a black blazer on top with a gray, white, and black tie. He rolled on his watch, gelled his hair which he dried after a long relaxing shower and finished getting ready with a few sprays of his cologne. He wore his shoes before he left with Jinki for the event.

"Nervous?" Jinki asked

"Mildly" Jonghyun replied with a shrug to which Jinki nodded

"You sure you'll be okay?" Jinki whispered after a few seconds of silence and Jonghyun immediately caught onto what Jinki was referring to. Jonghyun wanted to say no, but he didn't want to let his emotions get in the way. By the way, what happened as happened, right? He knew he'll be okay.

That's what he thought.

"Mhm" Jonghyun simply replied and Jinki decided not to push the matter further. Jonghyun was grateful for there silence.

They both arrived at school in no time and scanned their ID's and walked to the school's football field where the event was held. Being the varsity heads of such a well known football team was bound to get cheers and screams earned from the audience as Jonghyun and Jinki entered. They chuckled at the roar from students and went to accompany their respective team and coach.

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