Chapter 3 | Replay

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The school bell rang and Taemin hurriedly packed his bag. No, not to rush over to his secret hideout spot near Jonghyun's locker, but to head to art club. He had gotten one final warning and he wasn't willing to risk being kicked out of the club because the only thing Taemin loved besides Jonghyun, was art.

Taemin rushed out of class and made a quick necessary stop at the bathroom which only caused him to fall more behind on time. He immediately washed his hands and dashed out of the men's washroom. He had thankfully reached the hallway where the club usually met but as soon as he took a turn he ended up bumping hard into a manly figure. The crash caused Taemin to drop his doodle book, all of his extra scratch paper flying out in return. Taemin immediately apologized before bending down to collect his precious art work.

"Watch it dude" The person warned before bending himself down to help Taemin. Taemin looked at the unknown boy wanting to thank him in the process but his lips sealed themselves shut once he caught sight of who was in front of him.


Jonghyun caught sight of who he bumped into and a wave of surprise washed over him, which passed by Taemin's eyes unnoticed. Taemin was still caught up in the coincidence but when he opened his mouth to say something, more specifically to thank the boy, he decided not to simply because he didn't know how to articulate his words. Taemin got back to collecting his art work and was about to place them in a neat mess back into his doodle book when he caught sight of one remaining paper that laid restfully in Jonghyun's hand.

It was the drawing of a white rose, alongside the drawing of a red rose pendant that Jonghyun always kept in his locker.

Taemin almost choked on air when he realized that Jonghyun must have been suspicious to see a drawing of the pendant he had, but nothing about his expressions said that. Rather a very unreadable look was masked over Jonghyun's face but the darkness in his eyes shone clearly and Taemin looked at the quiet boy in confusion wondering why Jonghyun was so caught up in a simple drawing.

"My.. p-paper" Taemin stuttered in nervousness. Jonghyun broke out of his trance in confusion but when he met eyes with Taemin- which left Taemin weak -he scanned his environment in a millisecond and realized where he was and what was going on.

"Here" he mumbled a bit coldly and handed the paper back to Taemin before standing up and walking away. Taemin stood up and stared at Jonghyun's disappearing figure, trying to interpret the look he saw in Jonghyun's eyes not too long ago, knowing undoubtedly that it was pretty much the same look he saw in Jonghyun's eyes when they had their first encounter about a year ago.

Taemin still remembered the first encounter he had with the older boy, which was also the first time he had laid eyes on Kim Jonghyun


It was almost a year ago when Taemin was headed to his art class. He held onto his doodle book which was filled with dozens of free papers and he hummed a song to himself as he walked with his eyes fixed on the ground.

He took a turn into the hallway of his art class and ended up colliding with something which felt like a built figure. A small shriek escaped his lips as he dropped his notebook on the ground, his art worked papers laying lifelessly and bare on the ground.

"Watch where you're going!" The dude exclaimed in slight anger and disbelief. Taemin ignored what the other had to say because he was used to the constant bullying of being shoved around and talked smack at so he just ignored the unknown boy and bent down to pick his papers up. But what he didn't expect was the person to bend down and help Taemin out

Well that was a first.

Out of surprising curiosity, Taemin looked up at the boy and almost felt the wind being knocked out of his lungs when he spotted the most handsome boy he had ever laid his eyes on sitting right in front of him.

Taemin realized he was probably creepily staring at the unknown boy so he forced himself to avert his eyes from the boy and get back to picking up his art papers. When he finished picking them all up he noticed a paper in the unknown boy's hand. Taemin peeked at the paper to see what the unknown boy was lost staring at and he found the picture of a white rose drawn by Taemin

"Ummm-" Taemin didn't know how to form his words so he went silent after an utter. The unknown boy looked at Taemin. "Oh" he whispered and threw the paper on the floor in front of Taemin. He got up and walked away like nothing ever happened.

Taemin collected his paper and sighed a breath of relief when the unknown boy walked away because it had become difficult for Taemin to even breathe around the unknown pretty boy.

He was rude but he was also very beautiful.

"Who is he?" Taemin mumbled to himself and changed the direction of his sight to head back to art club, only to find out a couple days later that the pretty boy's name is Kim Jonghyun. The bad yet good boy of the school.


Taemin arrived a bit late to class due to the earlier encounter with Jonghyun but the teacher excused it because she had witnessed the disaster on her way to the classroom. The younger boy sighed in relief and took a seat next to Key in a hurry without even saying hi to his friend.

Taemin's mind was caught up someplace else.

Taemin hurriedly rummaged through his drawings and pulled out the drawing of a white rose, the same exact same drawing that Jonghyun was lost staring at a year ago and compared it to his recent drawing of a white rose, which Jonghyun was lost into at just a few minutes ago. Taemin didn't find anything shocking or worth staring at, all he could see was that the two drawings were very different.

But, out of all, the only thing Taemin could make out was: Jonghyun had something with white roses.

Ahh the story of a white rose. Don't worry, you guys will know soon ;)

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