Chapter 5 | Tell Me Your Name

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After a night of disheveled sheets and unrestful sleep, Jonghyun managed to make it to school just in time. Throughout the day he was constantly uneasy as flashbacks of his nightmares haunted him in the ticking of clocks. Taemin didn't know what door he had opened for Jonghyun with a simple drawing, however he was clever enough to realize how out of state Jonghyun looked this particular day. The haze Jonghyun seemed lost in only made Taemin more and more curious as to what today might be like for Jonghyun

As Jonghyun trotted his way before his first hour class to his locker, Taemin stood in his usual spot and observed the older boy. After Jonghyun collected his belongings, he slammed the locker shut and walked off. Taemin just looked down and scratched his head with his doodle pencil as he made his way to his class too.

Minutes and hours past by when finally school was dismissed. The usual routine Taemin followed was in play. As Jonghyun walked his way to his locker he got this strange feeling of being watched. Wanting to know, Jonghyun lifted his head to scan his surroundings and suddenly caught eyes with Taemin. Taemin immediately got to unlocking the locker in front of him making it seem like it was his. Jonghyun furrowed his eyebrows in a analyzing manner as he looked at Taemin from top to bottom.

He clearly knew this boy. But he didn't know how.

After a mentally and emotionally exhausted day, Jonghyun didn't want to pile up more stress caused by the boy unknown to his eyes so he just brushed this past him and collected his belongings and left. Taemin sighed in relief and made a point to himself to be more careful from next time.

And even though Jonghyun didn't want to wonder about the unknown boy he couldn't help but think about him one last time before he stepped foot outside the school.

From minutes to hours, time passed to days. Jonghyun may not have had anymore nightmares from that day on but he was still pretty shaken up by the first one.

The unknown boy who Jonghyun caught staring at him still bothered him day in and day out. Who must he be staring so intensely at the older boy and why did he seem familiar? All these questions stormed through Jonghyun, not knowing that indeed the answers lie in only one person: Taemin

Taemin collected his food from the lunch lady and walked his way back. After seating himself, he sneakily looked up towards his crush's direction and saw him smiling and laughing, but the spark was missing. Taemin had lost all focus from that point onwards when he saw a messy Jonghyun walk into school- the day right after their encounter- because Taemin sensed that he may have had something to do with this and he was not liking the looks of unexpected danger. But, Taemin decided to brush it off and not think too much about such circumstances until one day it all came running back to him

A couple more days made themselves known as time passed by. As always, the bell rang and the younger boy rushed towards his given after school destination. Jonghyun walked to his locker, mentally thanking the lord that football practice today was cancelled. Out of the blue he got this unknown feeling of being watched. Jonghyun lifted his head to scan his surroundings and suddenly caught eyes with Taemin. Taemin immediately got to unlocking the locker in front of him making it seem like it was his. Again. Jonghyun furrowed his eyebrows as he yet again came face to face with the boy who had consumed his second layer of thoughts.

He observed the younger boy who fidgeted with the locker, forcing himself not to look up. As Jonghyun arrived to his locker all he could think about was: who is that boy??

He looked vaguely familiar and Jonghyun hated himself for not being able to recall where he had seen the younger boy and why he looked familiar. As Jonghyun physically rummaged through his locker for his books, he also mentally rummaged through his memory, bringing back seconds that played out hours and days ago.

When Taemin found the chance, behind Jonghyun's back he exited the school and sighed a breath of relief, leaving the older boy alone to scan his thoughts

But as Jonghyun closed his locker and took two steps ahead, he stopped. He had found out who the boy was. He hurriedly turned back but only to come face to face with an empty spot which the younger boy had abandoned just a few minutes ago. He furrowed his eyebrows and turned back to head home as he allowed words of remembrance to slide off his tongue

"That's doodle bob"

That's doodle bob for you all 😂😂😉

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