Chapter 2 | Because of You

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[Key and Jinki introduction]

"You seem quite happy today" Taemin's friend Kim Kibum pointed out after catching up to the younger boy who was currently skipping his way back home in happiness while clutching tightly onto his little doodle book.

"Uh... yeah. I feel happy today" the younger boy scratched the back of his neck in slight embarrassment after realizing how idiotic he might have looked while skipping his way back home; but it wasn't his fault, how could he not be happy after witnessing his crush give a sincere smile after what felt like ages??

"Any specific reason that I should know about?" Key asked with a smirk, knowing oh so well why the younger boy was skipping in joy.


"Uh... no. Where is my banana milk??" Taemin immediately backed up his reply with a question just to avoid more embarrassment.

Key smirked and took a small carton of banana milk out of his bag, alongside a straw, and handed it to Taemin. Taemin excitedly grabbled it out of his hand and started drinking his favorite banana milk without missing a beat. That was the usual routine. Key hated banana milk but he'd always get a carton during lunch, just like everyone else would, and he wasn't allowed to throw it out. The teachers watched everyone like hawks. And everyone was allowed only one carton and no more, not even Taemin. So Key always saved his banana milk for his younger friend and passed it down to him after school.

"Thankfully there isn't art club today. But, I did hear a complain from the teacher, Taemin." Key stated in all seriousness. Taemin looked at him in confusion.

"What?" He asked unaware and got back to drinking his milk.

"The teacher has noticed how you've been arriving late to the club every day" Key raised an eyebrow and Taemin looked down when realization hit him

Again, Jonghyun.

"That's not good Taemin. You're going to graduate this year and move on to college. You're doing fairly well academically. The last thing you want your transcript to show is how you were kicked out of a club for arriving late every day" Key spoke in disappointment and Taemin just kept his gaze set on the ground as he silently slurped onto the milk.

"Jonghyun can wait" He then added with a smirk and Taemin went red in the face.

"Sorry hyung. I'll try to arrive to the club on time from now on." Taemin assured and Key smiled and ruffled the younger boy's silky hair to which Taemin giggled.


Jonghyun grabbled his Jersey and was about to close his locker when his eyes fell on the red rose pendant that always stayed put in his locker during school hours. Jonghyun took a hold of the pendant and stared deeply at it, outlining every inch of it in his mind, reading the shades of memory that was itched permanently into this pendant.

A small, genuine smile made its way to his lips.

But the smile didn't stay for long.

He sighed and put the pendant back onto its original spot before he shut the locker and rushed off to practice.

Upon reaching the boy's locker room Jonghyun immediately got to changing into his sport's outfit as the others also prepared themselves for practice.

"Ready?" Jonghyun's one and only best friend, Lee Jinki, asked after getting himself changed into the wanted attire as well.

"Yeah, let's go" Jonghyun and Jinki ran off onto the playing field and took their respective positions. Tomorrow was a home football game and the boys were determined to win.

"Positions!" The coach yelled, and Jonghyun and Jinki gave each other a thumbs up before getting started with the game.


After two and a half hours long worth of practice Jonghyun got changed into his normal attire after showering, and waited patiently for Jinki to get dressed as well. The boys took off after collecting their belongings from their respective lockers and walked their way back home.

"I'm so sore" Jinki complained and Jonghyun nodded.

"But it was worth it. Tomorrow is a big day Jinki, sleep well tonight." Jonghyun adviced with a slight smile and after giving each other a bro hug, they parted ways, Jinki making his way to his home while Jonghyun made his way to his house.

This chapter was just a filler chapter to introduce Key and Jinki. The real plot will now start from the next chapter. Buckle up :)

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