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Dinner with Jaxon's family was going great so far. We were all still sitting in the dining room, having a nice conversation. My parents seemed to like Janet and Derek which is good. Jaxon hasn't said a word about any embarrassing stories about me which surprised me. He has to be up to something...

I heard my name and I immediately tuned back into the conversation.

"Kimora speaks both French and Spanish." My Mom boasted and smiled.

Derek's eyes widen. "That's amazing. I can speak Spanish myself."

"Oh, God." Jaxon rolled his eyes. 

Jaxon has told me his father tries to speak Spanish a while back. I was interested now. Maybe I could use this as an advantage in our bet we just made.

"I didn't know your family spoke Spanish, Jaxon." Matthew raised an eyebrow.

Jaxon sighed. "He doesn't. He attempts and I'm sure he doesn't even know what he's saying."

"I do." Derek pouted. "Can't I, dear?"

"I.... uh... think I need to get the roast from the oven." Janet quickly got up from the table and rushed off into the kitchen. Well, I'm guessing he doesn't. My plan just had to backfire on me.

"Translate 'everyone likes hamburgers'." My Dad offered. Derek looked in deep in thought for a minute. This was a chance to see if he actually speaks it or not. Finally, he cleared his throat. "A todos les gusta el culo!"

Matthew choked on his water and I laughed hysterically. My Dad glared at me for being so immature but, I couldn't help it. How do you mix 'everyone likes hamburgers' with 'everyone likes ass'?

Derek seemed pretty confident but, he was confused about why I was laughing along with Jaxon. "Did I get it right?"

"Uh..." My Mom nudged me in my side, making me stop laughing. "Yeah. You did."

He cheered and Jaxon mouthed asking what he said and I told him I'd tell him later. Janet finally came back out of the kitchen with the roast in her hands. "Sounds like everyone's having a good time out here."

"Yes, we are," Derek reassured her. After everything was served, my parents and Jaxon's went off into their own conversation, talking about "grown folk business". Matthew and Jaxon were talking about Matthew's basketball game that was coming up soon. I didn't want to join in because I had no clue of what they were talking about but, I was disappointed. I don't know why but, something in me just wanted me to have Jaxon's attention all to myself.

I sighed, eating my food quietly. Well, at least everyone else is having a good time. That's what matters. My ears perked up from my name being said once again.

"How was Kimora when she was younger?" My Mom asked Jaxon curiously. I squinted my eyes at Jaxon as he smirked. "Yeah."

"Hmm... well, there was this one time when she met Santa for the first time."

"Mom! Please don't tell that story!" I pleaded.

"Please do." Matthew bounced in his seat anxiously and my Dad nodded in agreement. I know once my parents started talking about my embarrassing childhood stories, they wouldn't stop. I shouldn't have done this bet!

"Kimora was so excited to meet Santa but, when she saw him, she got so scared that she used the bathroom on his lap." My Mom giggled as everyone else laughed. I rolled my eyes even though my face burning with embarrassment. Someone please kill me now.

"I remember when Jaxon hated taking baths when he was younger." Janet brought up and I smiled while Jaxon's smirk fell. "He ran out of the house butt naked one time."

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