Chapter 5: Lights, Camera, Deception

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She sobbed loudly into her pillow, her straight locks of hair sticking to her tear stricken, sweat covered face as she tossed and turned in her bed. "P-Please... I... I want you to l-love me..." She just wanted her sweetheart to pay attention to her the way she desired him to. "I-I would do anyth-thing to make y-you fall for me... I need you..."

To say she liked him was an understatement. She adored him. She worshipped him. She was hopelessly in love with the damn boy. More tears came rolling down her cheeks, her mascara being carried with it staining her bedsheets. Not that it was noticeable though, this was routine for her. Crying over a boy, how pitiful. Everyone she knew would be ashamed. Pathetic. "I-I can't help this overwhelming f-feeling I have for y-you..." Her meek voice became a lot whisper, her tears coming to a halt. "S-Such despair."

Though this wouldn't last too long; her devious plan was in action. That piece of shit wouldn't be able to be near him for much longer. She'd make sure of it. After all, she had her darling wrapped tightly around her little finger. Wiping the tears from her face, she let out a sadistic laugh. All fourteen of them were her worthless chess pieces. She moved them as she pleased, whether they knew it or not, and they weren't able to do anything about it now. It was far too late. She had them trapped.

They were all just simple pawns in her master scheme.


Shuichi woke up to the sound of birds chirping cheerfully and cars rushing past outside his gloomy, dull apartment, the cool sun peering through his monotonous grey curtains. He slowly opened his eyes using one hand to shield his golden orbs from the blazing ball of gas and sat up. For a moment he had forgotten about the thief's visit, until he looked at his curtains. Sure, he left them slightly opened so the sun would wake him gently, but he would never leave them like this where his face would be practically burnt to a crisp.

He had had a somewhat pleasant night with the criminal, talking in a friendly manner and learning more about the enigma than he physically imagined possible. Apart from the few occasional uncomfortable jokes where the smaller boy would climb into Shuichi's lap and bring their faces dangerously close together, the detective didn't think he was too bad. Maybe they'd end up being good friends after he captured him, unmasked him, sent him to jail and then waited for him to have completed his time there.

He laughed softly to himself, that was a silly thought. Also very strange. Some may even say weird. He stretched his arms above his head earning a few loud yet satisfying cracks as he recapped the events of the previous night. He seemed trustworthy enough, if he ignored his extremely frequent lies (which he was sure he was beginning to be able to recognise at this point), and though he couldn't wrap his head around the unpredictable menace's thought process at all he still enjoyed his company. At some points, to clarify. He was still unsure of the mysterious man though.

Something about not knowing what he would do next was exciting! Gosh, the thief really was rubbing off on him. He was beginning to sound like him. On the topic of the thief, he had bandaged up his leg for him so it was comfortable enough for him to sleep. He hadn't woken up once during the night in agonising pain, so he really owed the masked figure for his help. Yeah, Shuichi thought to himself, he's really not that bad at all. Shuichi took in a deep breath and fidgeted his leg. Finding that the pain had been significantly reduced, he released the breath he had been holding and smiled.

He carefully swung his legs off the side of the bed, not taking any chances if his leg should begin to act up again, and reached down to pick up the hat the imp had returned to him the night prior. The thief had told him to "Put it on the floor or something. And don't look at the important thingy inside until you're able to walk!" but why would that matter? The purple haired terror would never know, would he?

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