God, I really have to learn that guy's name. I guess I'll call him Hoodie. I don't know why Jaxon won't tell me his name already.

I sighed, moving to the next picture and frowned. It was a picture of when he was a teen again with Tyler resting in a hospital bed. Him and Tyler were both crying, holding onto each other. I felt my eyes starting to water.

Why would he keep such a sad memory? What happened to Tyler anyway?

I noticed the piece of the picture was folded back and straightened it. It was Hoodie standing behind Jaxon. He didn't look sad like Jaxon. His blue eyes were filled with hatred and jealousy looking at the both of them. What happened? What made them fall apart?

"You never learn your lesson."

I jumped, turning to Jaxon who was standing beside me. He didn't have any emotions on his face but, I could see the solemn in his eyes. He emptily gazed at the picture. I didn't say anything because my guilty conscious was torturing me. He also seemed trap in his thoughts.

Finally, he spoke up. "Tyler used to always be badly abused by his alcoholic father and nearly died from the loss of blood." He explained, sitting down next to me on the floor.

I listened closely not because I was being nosey... okay, maybe because I was. However, this was probably a chance that I could know what happened in Jaxon's past. Even if this seemed like more like Tyler's.

He continued, "That was the same night that his father killing his mother because he thought she was 'cheating' and his father almost killed him too."

"What happened?" I asked anxiously.

Jaxon took a deep breath. "Tyler finished him off first but, mainly out of revenge."

I never would've thought that Tyler has been through something as tragic as that. He was always so cool. I slid down onto the floor next to Jaxon and he took the picture from my hands, pointing at Hoodie.

"Before I met Tyler, we were friends since we were kids and this guy didn't like anyone intruding our friendship. He's never really had a true friend except me. He was jealous of Tyler for a while when Tyler and I became friends." Jaxon elaborated.

"So how did you three get involved with..." I trailed off to let him finish.

"A gang?" He offered and I nodded. "Well, his father was involved and passed it down to him. Tyler and I just happened to be good friends and support him even though he turned on us-" He stopped himself. He looked like he regretted telling me this all...  I wanted to pry further. What ruined such a great friendship? Why would Hoodie do?

But from the way Jaxon stopped, I don't think he wanted me to know what happened.

Like he did something he wasn't supposed to.

"You want to go to school since my bruise is healed?" Jaxon asked eventually.

I nodded, getting up from the floor.


"You're late, Miss. Woods and Mr. Falls." Mr. Franklin fussed as we entered the classroom. "Care to explain."

He really put the spotlight on us. Mr. Franklin is becoming more and more of my enemy each passing day. I coughed awkwardly, hoping Jaxon would say something to save us but, no. He just stood there uninterested like there was something more important on his mind. I didn't know any lies. I mean, Jaxon and I walked into class late at the same time. Anyone could get the wrong idea.

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