chapter 9

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Austin opened his eyes and saw the world spinning. He turned to his side to check on Sammi but she was nowhere to be seen. He winced as he touched the huge gash on the top of his head, being the main source for most of the blood.

He stumbled out of the car but fell straight onto the floor, causing more pain to his body. As he turned himself over, he heard a familiar voice calling his name from a far distance. "Fiffany?" He groaned once the girl had crouched down to his level.

"Everything's gonna be okay, Austin. I called the ambulance, they're on their way," she said while kneeling down to him and moving the hair out of his face. "Where's Sammi? You need to check on her." The words fell out of Austin's mouth as he coughed up blood.

His fiancée's face went tense. She ignored what he had said but tears started to form in her eyes when she remembered what him and Sammi had been doing.

"Please Fiffany, you have to go check on her." "Austin, I could care less about that bitch. You're my responsibility right now. Not her. I have to make sure you don't die on me!" Austin responded to her yelling with a roll of his eyes. "Fine, since you won't, then I will." He said while pushing her off of him and struggling to get up.

After a few seconds he managed to get up and find balance. He wobbled around the scene of the accident looking for Sammi. As he looked in the distance, there she was, laying on the ground not moving.

He ran over to her as fast as he could and dropped down next to her. "Sammi, baby, I'm here." He turned her over to see her body cut up from the windshield she flew out of. "I'm here. They're gonna be here any minute." he said as he heard the sirens slowly approaching to where they were.

He looked at her, knowing she was gone but did not want to accept it, his vision goes blurry. He could feel the blood seeping out of different parts of his body and lays down beside his dead lover and closed his eyes.

"I'm parking right now, Tina. I will be in there right now," Brandon rushes as he hastily exited his car. He starts walking to the lobby when he sees Charlotte and Edwin hand in hand running inside the hospital.

He stops and realizes he hasn't spent time with his girlfriend for weeks. He shakes the thought out of his head and finds the room Austin is staying in. "Tina, is he okay?"

She sniffs and looks at him with puffy eyes. "He-he has lost a lot of blood. The doctors say they are doing everything they can," she says and lets the tears spill out.

Brandon sees Charlotte leaning on the wall outside and walks to her, not knowing what to say. "Hey, Charlotte how are you doing?" He squeezed her shoulders and she sighed. "I don't know, Brandon. Our friend- or my friend is fighting for his life in that room."

"Thank you for explaining the obvious," he breathed out with an eye roll. Edwin peeks from outside the room. "What's going on?" Brandon felt his insides boil at the sight of the caramel skinned boy.

The image of his hand intertwined with his girlfriend appeared in his mind and it made his face heat up and he felt himself get in Edwin's personal space. "Brandon back up." "What are you gonna do to me if i don't? I beat your ass once, I'll do it again."

Charlotte gets in between the boys and pushes them apart. "Stop it, both of you." Brandon looks at both of them with a flushed expression. "FUCK BOTH OF YOU!" The RNs and patients in the halls and turned their heads towards the three, before Brandon flipped them off. "I know you guys have been seeing each other behind my back. I can't believe you two."

Edwin steps towards Brandon, annoyance etched in his face. "What makes you think you deserve her? You cant protect her. You didn't protect Halie." Brandon's breathing stopped as he processed what he said, and he clenched his jaw. He took a deep breath and clenched his fist until his knuckles turned white. His body went numb and he punched Edwin in the jaw, hearing the sound of his teeth hitting each other.

Charlotte let out a gasp as he dropped to floor, and Brandon stormed out of the hospital.

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