chapter 6

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"Bet your ass didn't think I would find you," Nick says while he busts into Alexys' brand new LA home. Her head snaps in his direction and she walks up to him. "Ever heard of knocking? You're rude as hell. Fuck you," she retorts while she pushes him back out the front door.

"Why? Why did you do it?" He questions and runs a hand through his hair as he glared at his ex. "Why did I cheat or why did I leave you with nothing but your phone?" "Yeah, all that shit."

She sighed and leaned on her doorframe. "Well I cheated because Audrey was looking mad sexy... we were both drunk and it just happened. And you decided to join in a make it a threesome so..."

She shrugged with a smug look on her face and continued. "As for stealing your shit, I wanted new things so I bought a house. Surprise." He rolled his eyes. "Wow, you're such a bitch." "Awww. Now Nick, that's not very nice," she says as she pouts.

Rapid footsteps were heard before Brandon pushed past Alexys and connected his fist to Nick's jaw. "YOU PIECE OF SHIT! HOW COULD YOU SLEEP WITH HER?!" Brandon's cheeks were red as he glared at his band member rubbing his oncoming bruise.

"Oh shit." Alexys laughs from behind her hands. "It's my pussy Brandon, I can do what I please. I'm not a child." Audrey protested with a frown plastered on her face.

"SHUT UP AUDREY," her half-brother snapped back. Nick removed his hand from his jaw and sighed.

"Brandon, it just happened." "iT jUsT hApPeNeD. Fuck you, Nick." Brandon shook his hand out and snatched Audrey's keys from her. She chased after him and frowned as he sped away in to find a way to calm him self. Alexys looked at the purple bruise growing on his jawline and whistled.

"Damn Nick, he checked you." He sucked his teeth and stood face to face with his ex, the veins in his neck prominent. "Fuck you Alexys! I swear to God I'll get back at you for this." He turned away from her and shoved his shoulder into Audrey as got into his black Range and left.

"You wanna help me do this Audrey?" She turned to Alexys with a harsh stare before shaking her head. "Help you with what? You're the reason all this shit happened! You're the one that called Nick that night to come see you. Because of you, he didn't pick up Halie so she went in a cab and got rammed by a truck!"

Alexys looked at the ground as her smirk fell, twirling a strand of hair around her fingers as guilt stared to eat away at her. "You're the one that told Edwin that B was gonna re-write one of their songs, which you should've kept your mouth shut about, so he would have the most parts."

Audrey took a breath before continuing her list of things that Alexys was at fault for. "That's what made Edwin get in his way at the i heart radio awards, causing that fight. You ruin friendships, Lex. First Ed and B, now Nick and B. Who's next?"

Audrey turns away to leave Alexys on her porch, who doesn't give off any emotion in her blank expression. She kept quiet as she watched Audrey walk down the street and find her way home.

In LA, Zion, Edwin, Charlotte, and Haley were having lunch in Beverly Hills. Everyone was laughing and enjoying each other's company,  not letting any of their stresses come about. Well, that was until Zion told the group what he saw that night at the Matthew's album release party.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Haley asks, realizing Zion was more quiet and spaced out than usual. He subtly shook his head and mumbled under his breath. "I just don't like secrets."

Haley feels a tightening in her chest, her anxiety starting to rise. Fuck, he must know about the baby. He knows about me cheating with Matt. "Zion, baby. Let's go," she rushed as she slid out of her chair while holding his arm.

"What? Why? We just got here," Charlotte whined in disappointment. Zion looks at the blonde with a raised brow. "Charlotte.. have you talked to B lately?" A small groan was heard from across the table.

"Why does he always have to be in every conversation?" Edwin questioned, clearly annoyed by the mention of the rogue band member.

"You're annoyed? Interesting. It's weird how you hate B so much but you both have the same taste in girls."  Zion threw a side glance at the Dominican. "Dude, what are you talking about?" His face was contorted in confusion as he got up from his chair.

Haley sensed the tension and tugged at the boy's shirt. "Z, let's go. Please." He took her hand and dropped it at her side. While Edwin could act like he didn't know what Z what getting at, Charlotte, on the other hand, wasn't great at it.

She was blushing and constantly touching her hair. "Zion, what's this about?" she asked in a soft tone. "You know what I'm talking about! Stop acting dumb!" Z shouts, knocking his cup over on the table. This outburst grabbed the attention of the other patrons sitting outside. "I saw y'all FUCKING in the car!"

"Zion.. th-that wa-" He waved her off and shook his head. "It's okay, I could care less what you do. Actually, I don't care what any of you do! All we do if just fuck up each others lives now.." Zion sighed, filled with frustration and disappointment, and turned to leave.

Haley gave their friends a sympathetic look, and dropped a twenty on the table before turning on her heels to follow Zion.

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